My Resolution…

Happy New Year to all you beautiful moms out there!!! Hope it came in with much joy and excitement filled with lots of kids screaming and running amuck! Now is the dreaded time to make those new goals and start the New Year off with a promise and a plan…

I like New Year’s resolutions. Call me crazy, but I love to look at my life and reflect on all the good and bad and everything in between. I immerse myself in the deep waters of reflection and probably swim there too long. Some of the water is murky, and I don’t like that. But much of the vast clear blue is a scene of bountiful blessings that have been bestowed on me. I do like that.

Now comes that “introspective investigation” or some might say “introspective interrogation”…

I investigate. I am not one to “interrogate” myself on New Year’s. I do that on a daily basis, why do it on a lovely holiday? No, there won’t ever be annual judgment and critical analysis of all my flaws. I for one, only delve into the desires of my heart and the yearnings of my soul (wow, that’s deep).

My husband feels the same, however his innermost desires tend to be measured in a completely different way…. He set his New Year’s goal with me in mind. Ha. His promise and plan? Higher frequency (if you know what I mean). So deep, isn’t he? And oh so thoughtful… Geez.

Last New Year, I came up with a brilliant resolution. You may find it quite ironic. I promised and planned to give myself more grace. Yep. As all the other souls out there were promising and planning to be harder on themselves, I promised and planned to be kind to myself. Brilliant idea. I’ve been kicking myself all year trying to be more forgiving of all my failings and weaknesses. Working so hard to accept who I am. With every critical snap, I tried to quiet that ugly voice within as I used every ounce of energy to accept and allow me to be, well…me.

This year I have set out to finally re-connect with my precious friends that I have lost along the way. Our parenting journey is much like a storm that sucks new friends in and spits others right out, depending on the season and the way the winds blow. I have had this growing burden to reach out and make the time (somehow, someway…) to reunite with these women I miss and hold dear to my heart. This promise and plan will surely fulfill the desires of my heart and satisfy the yearnings of my soul.

What is your promise and plan this year? Do me a favor…

Be kind.

No judging allowed. No critical voice ringing in your ear. No punishing or punitive thoughts to run wild in your self-defeating state. Only beautiful reflections of the year gone by and your deepest desires and yearnings of your soul please…

Promise and plan to be good-

To yourself.  🙂

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  1. Melissa says

    Ok, here I am…commenting, finally!! WooHoo!! I know…the power of what I should write. *insert diabolical laughter here*…hmm…
    Yes, my dear friend, you could do with a bit of personal grace, but that is kind of the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it? Cutting ourselves slack isn’t a personal strong suit!
    As far as finding time to spend with long lost friends…good luck, and when you find it let me know what you cut out! You may even be able to publish that!
    Happy New Year!!

    • momcafe says

      A girl can dream, right? HA! Just keeping up with life and the beautiful friends (insert Melissa Charlton here) (and just a few more…) is enough to keep my world spinning on it’s weak and wobbling axis. But you know I gotta at least try…or else I’ll beat myself up about it. LOL 🙂

  2. says

    I’ll admit that this year I didn’t really want to think about resolutions b/c I normally don’t live up to them. But I like your idea of giving myself more grace and room to be me. That’s also a good idea for others in my life…allowing them grace instead of getting frustrated when they don’t act/do what I expect of them.

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