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Welcome to the “mom café” where we can sit and chill and drink our choice of caffeinated beverage and linger and reflect and process this crazy journey called life….

I gotta say- I really wanted to start this blog on a positive encouraging note- but as life would have it…..I have had a hell of a morning! So, I will be honest and real- and pray you all find some kind of encouragement in my ramblings and it grows into a positive uplifting day for us all!

I won’t give all the gory details of the chaotic mess this morning- but I will say that my 7 year old daughter was late to school because I let her sleep in.  She has an asthmatic medical condition that no doctor has yet to resolve with any treatment and she has started to flare up since the long holiday weekend. I thought her sleep was needed more than education.  Hard call- but I suffer through those all the time and it never gets easier…

I ask…then tell….again….for her to brush her teeth.  Make sure she brushes her teeth.  Hey- don’t forget to brush your teeth!  Oh!  Good you put the stuffed Mary in the nativity scene for December 1st advent!  Oh wonderful!  Your fish ARE growing in your dollar store fish tank thing I bought you in a weak moment! Oh…you don’t want the crème cheese on toast I made you so we can get right in the car and not waste a minute?  Well- just make sure you get those teeth cleaned….

In car… did clean your teeth didn’t you?  Uh….as she is looking up as though she was 80 years old reflecting on long long ago when toothbrushes were not even invented.  I felt my lava burning, bubbling ready to blow….

I lost it.  I just lost it.

Ok- quick back story is that my dear precious child has had a long history of medical issues and lots of challenges and bless her heart lots of suffering.  One of our infamous times was when she was in Kindergarten.  She was having a huge asthmatic flare and during week number two, she started crying not because of her relentless coughing to the point of vomiting for days and days…but because the poor child had two (not one but two) abscessed teeth.

We went through your typical parental nightmare trying to gain control of her asthma in time to put her under anesthesia for the dentist to pull these deeply infected teeth.  It was a total mess of a month to say the least.  I could share pages and pages of her blessed life experiences but I am sure that will all come as I continue this blog!

Fast forward to second grade…  Because she has big grown up teeth……I realize I need to be more vigilant with her “dental hygiene”.  Mornings are just the time to ‘let it go’ as you scurry around trying to throw lunches in backpacks and breakfasts down throats and keep the peace as the tension builds with every warning…”WE LEAVE IN TEN MINUTES!”…….”WE LEAVE IN FIVE MINUTES!!!!!”  …..”WE ARE LEAVING NOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!

Continued next post….

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