Love: Don’t Settle For Anything Less

I came downstairs, tired and grumpy as I always am in the morning. I approached my kitchen counter for my first stop. As I began the routine of making the kids breakfast, packing lunches and making my coffee, I glanced down at his note.

I blushed. I smiled. I sighed.

My daughter came beside me and saw the note as I held it to my heart.

“He never forgets, does he mom?”

“No. Never. And I save every single one of them. Honey, I pray that one day; you will find the man who loves you like your father loves me…

A man who takes time to feed your heart and honor your dreams.

A man who nurtures your weaknesses and carries your burdens.

A man who tells you over and over again that you’re beautiful.

A man that sees beyond your flaws and embraces your quirks.

A man who puts your needs first and his second.

A man who praises your efforts and accepts your failings.

A man who holds you when you crumble and raises you when you desperately need the lift.

A man who forgives your mistakes and remembers your gifts.

A man who listens to your thoughts and cherishes your perspective.

A man who realizes your potential and admires your purpose.

A man who trusts you with his vulnerabilities and realizes his insecurities.

A man of honesty and strength and integrity who can lead his family with faith and perseverance.

A man of deep passion for all he holds dear.

A man that never gives up or lets go, because sometimes life gets hard.

A man who realizes his worth and values yours.

A man who sacrifices much so that you can have plenty.

A man who loves you as you are and celebrates as you grow.

A man who is committed and dedicated to loving you.

Oh, precious daughter. Don’t settle for anything less.”

Love Don't Settle For Anything Less


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  1. says

    I pray the same thing for all of my kids. I pray they find wonderful spouses (if marriage ends up being their calling) but also that they be wonderful spouses themselves.
    I so enjoy reading about good, strong examples of marriage.

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    Aw! Your sweet words about your wonderful husband made me tear up. I am so glad that you have a husband who loves and honors you. (and I know that he is equally blessed to have such a loving and beautiful mate in his life) You deserve every good thing, my friend. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!! –Lisa

    • says

      Funny thing- the note he left, wasn’t the Valentine. It was a regular note he leaves (almost) every day for me… because he knows that my love language is words of encouragement. THAT’S the man I married! THAT’S the man our children should be able find…

  3. says

    So beautiful. Right now I only have a son, and every day I pray that we are able to raise him to be the kind of husband, father, and person that his dad is – the kind of person who loves with all his heart, be it his wife, his children, or the stranger at the grocery store.

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      You touched on something very true- finding love is really two-fold, isn’t it? They have to love themselves enough to realize they are worthy of this love we speak of… I pray that will be true for them!!

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    we all deserve a man like this. ALL of us.

    I already have mine…& I can’t help imaging (often) that my sister Kay never did… NEVER

    . She’s always say, “Kim, I wish I had somebody who really loved me.”

    ….except now with Our Father in Heaven.


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    I wish to God that my husband and I a being great examples to our kids. But my husband and I will do our darnedest best to raise them well.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. says

    She won’t because she has her father as an example.
    Scarlet and Cassidy are TIGHT. I believe she’s learning fantastic things about what to look for in a man one day. And I believe it’s going to be great..

    • says

      These are the important things really…. not that there are dishes still in the sink that he said he would do, or that he forgets almost everything I ask him to do. LOL Eh- not important! 😉

  7. says

    Beautiful. It occurs to me all the time how our marriage sets the example. Makes it doubly important to work on it all the time.
    Glad you had a lovely start to valentines day!

  8. says

    Tears! This is SO awesome % so true! Even though the Hubs never got to meet my Daddy, there are some days I wanna scream “stop, you act just like Daddy sometimes.” Not in a weird way, just certain mannerisms are a lot alike, I never thought I would be interested in somebody like that, guess I was wrong (2nd time around)

  9. says

    What a beautiful description of a good and faithful husband. Looks like we both found gems. This fits the love of my life to tea. I’m so blessed to have found him.

  10. says

    I tell my step daughter this all the time: you don’t have to settle for anything less. Be with a man like your father. They exist. I found him. True love. xo

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    I love that he sees what a gem he has in you. That’s one thing I can honestly say. I didn’t settle. I never felt like I was in a hurry or that Leo was my only choice. I chose him because he was everything I wanted in a man and he is that and more. I think we are some of the lucky ones. 🙂

  12. Tammy says

    So, first off…I’VE MISSED READING YOUR BLOG!!! Been a busy couple of weeks!
    Second – This is true of Derek, and my precious hubby! What gifts we have in them!
    Third – I am SO printing this and giving it to my girls! They’ve witnessed our love, our awesome highs and our extreme lows. I want them to hold out for the men that God has been preparing just for each of them. The men he’s given hearts to hold theirs.
    SO beautiful!

    • says

      Yes Sherill!! It truly IS worth the wait. And worth all the heartbreaks to find the right one! May our daughters find exactly this. <3

      Thanks so much for stopping by to read this, Sherill. 🙂

  13. says

    Love the post! You are worthy, do not settle for anything less.This is what our children should live by. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

    • says

      Oh thank you so much Lynne for reading this!! I will keep drilling that message into my girl for her lifetime, and pray for it to sink in always.

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