Here’s To Motherhood!



Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You shine so big and bright.

We feel you in the morning and you wake us through the night.


Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

These days, they do pass by.

They scurry in a hurry as you leave a weary eye.


Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You make us face our fears.

The seasons they can shake us, and leave us all in tears.


Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You give us strength to show

Through every passing challenge, oh how you make us grow.


Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You hold us oh so tight.

Not anything can keep our babies far or out of sight.


Oh Motherhood, Oooh Motherhood

You’re maddening as can be!

 One day your up the next your down, you never set us free.


Oh Motherhood, Ah Motherhood,

You bring us to our knees.

You ride us high and crash us down with desperate groaning pleas.


Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood

You drive us all insane.

We question, and we conquer all the wondering to blame.


Oh Motherhood, you fool us all

With dreams to rearrange.

But Motherhood, you please us good, there’s nothing we would change.


Oh Motherhood, Yes Motherhood,

You test us through and through.

You make us fight with all our might, our passion lies in you.


So Motherhood, Ah Motherhood

Your story’s still the same.

We come to you in gratitude for giving us your name.

Oh Motherhood


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    You are SO talented! I love this. It is maddening and brings us to our knees but in an instant we are grateful for the ride. I love this. Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve a relaxing day with your family pampering you all day. 🙂

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      Aw!! You are so sweet AnnMarie! Thank you so much dear friend. I didn’t get that kind of a day… 🙁 But I still have the love, and that’s all that really matters, right? 🙂

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      Thank you SO much for reading it AGAIN, my precious bestie!!!!! You are such a devoted friend… I am so so grateful for you!!! 🙂

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    Love this Chris! It’s amazing that we can be happy to be called the same thing that drives us It all rings true. Because of Motherhood, this is the first day in a very loooong time where I’m confined to my bedroom while my husband and kids make me breakfast. I actually get a chance to read AND respond to your devotional at the same time 🙂 Happy Mothers Day to you too.

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      HA! That’s so stinkin’ sweet!!! I am just SO glad you got a morning to rest… I believe you never EVER do that! Good for you, and kudos to hubs and kids for serving you! 🙂

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      Glad you caught that! I don’t want to delete your awesome comment even though that happened… is that okay, now that you clarified? Let me know and I would be happy to (well not really happy- cause I love your comment!! lol) remove it.

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    This is beautiful Chris! You captured it all…the wonderful and amazing times along with all the things that drive us insane! Thank you for this!!!

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      Motherhood really is the epitome of everything in life, isn’t it? Thank you so much for stopping by and reading it Michelle!! I hope you are having a GREAT SITS day!!!! WOOHOO!!! xo

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      Thanks so much Jennifer! I too, am so grateful to have so many moms/friends that I feel so inspired by- and you, Jen are top on my list! I hope your day was WONDERFUL!

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    Great poem! I’d love if you’d come link it up to my Marvelous Moms link-up going on until tomorrow, May 13th. It would be a great contribution. 🙂 If you can’t, I understand, but thought I’d ask.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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      Happy Mother’s Day to YOU honey!!!! Here’s to us… (hold your glass/coffee mug/champagne flute up) CHEERS!!!! 🙂 I adore you.

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      We really are so blessed, aren’t we? Even when it’s hard… it’s still completely rewarding and fulfilling. Oh I do hope you BOTH had an AWESOME Mother’s Day!!!! 🙂 You are simply the BEST.

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      Thank you so so much Allison! I also loved your post. You are always completely authentic… honorable and admirable. Keep writing and wishing girl!!! 🙂

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      AW! Thanks so much Alexa… I was thinking about you yesterday, praying for you… and hoping you were able to celebrate the day with JOY. I know it’s a mixed blessing in many ways.

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    Oh so true Chris! Beautiful poem…you took us though every gamut of motherhood! Every dimension of motherhood is so worth it though! How awesome is it to take care of and steward over one of God’s greatest creations. What an honor…I’m so grateful! Thanks for sharing my friend…hope you had an absolutely lovely Mother’s Day!!

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      Thanks so much Michell… Motherhood truly is an honor, and every dimension (even the tough ones) are a blessing!! I do hope your Mother’s Day was beautiful!!! God bless YOU! 🙂

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      I like that line too, Stephanie!! We think we know what we are getting ourselves into with this motherhood gig, and yet- every single day- is constant novelty! But it does please us good! And we surely wouldn’t change one thing. Well, maybe a few- but hey, big picture here!!!! 😉

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    Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood how does it go so fast? On day I’m changing diapers, the next day all is past.
    Sorry, but I was holding a baby today, my cousin’s grandchild. It felt so familiar, yet so far away at the same time.
    Recently I posted on FB that babies should come with a label: Warning the next 18 years will fly by…
    Great poem.
    BTW, you wrote a book? Did you use smashwords? Just curious.

    • says

      I kinda cheated with my book- I decided I wanted some of my content here on my blog to be in a book form. I took my favorite first year posts and reworked and edited them to the moon and back and then hired a professional editor to edit some more…and finalize them into the book through the stellar hands of my hubs who figured the whole ebook bananza out! (And breathe! HA!) 😉

      I LOVE your line Laurie!!! I know I know… I recently held a babe too. It’s truly amazing how fast it goes. I LOVE that warning too!

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        Wow! I have done that too, minus the hiring an editor and the hubs figuring it out part. I am still working on it…getting it published, not the book. Congratulations on getting yours out there!

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      Yeah… I get that completely Adrienne. There is a certain “depth” to the emotions we feel as mothers, that is so powerful. It lit a new fire in me as well. 🙂

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      RIGHT back at ya Mary!!! I hope yours was wonderful too! You are so darn good to me, sweet friend! I am just soaking in all your love and I’m feeling so special, because of YOU. 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you….

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