Help A Mom Out! THIS is Compassion.

It had been a very long week. After struggling through a family crisis, dealing with the holiday shenanigans and ultimately caring for my sick daughter who contracted a virus that catapulted her asthma to dangerous heights, I was depleted and done. We had been trapped in this sickness for days, and I hadn’t been able to get out to the grocery to pick up some medicine that I foolishly believe can help quiet her flare.

I needed to go. My daughter begged me not to leave her alone, but I convinced her it would be a quick trip and that she would be okay for the few minutes I ran to the store.

I worried. I questioned if I should even go. But honestly? I needed to get out and be amongst the living, if only for a short while. I wanted to have fresh produce in the house and have this medicine on standby for the sake of comfort if not anything else. Perhaps I was being selfish, but I really, really wanted to go. I swear I almost felt this elusive pressure to move, to risk this moment to do a ridiculous errand at a foolish time.

My anxiety hurled itself onto my pounding heart as I drove away from the house, leaving my baby in God’s hands. I said a quiet nervous prayer for protection while I was gone on this mundane and trivial excursion. What on earth was I doing?

I simply needed to go.

As I quickly pushed my cart through the store in rapid speed, picking up the items I needed for one reason or another, I rounded the corner of aisle 8 and I heard it on aisle 9. My ears perked up and my heart had this sudden twinge, as I listened to what probably was a three year old beginning the workings of a tantrum. My mom radar was buzzing loudly, as I immediately felt this surge of compassion for my fellow mom just one aisle over. I paused, with contemplation to head that way and do something, anything to let this mom know I’m here and I get it. I have had many of those moments with my own kids, and I always have this incessant need to reach out a hand, share that knowing smile, or even say something to show the true camaraderie we all have in this gig we call motherhood, to any mom who struggles.

I’ve been there. We’ve ALL been there.

I dismissed that nudge soon after, as anxiety took over, knowing full well I had a sick daughter at home counting the minutes until I returned.

I raced hurriedly to the check out and groaned at the long line I now had to stand in, as my stress level increased tenfold. As I waited in angst, I heard the sound again… only the fierceness had climaxed to a thunderstorm of screams. This little girl had spiraled out to that place of no return. I peered over the crowded lines of people to find where this mom was managing the battle. I couldn’t see her, but I knew the direction the howls were coming from, and my heart sunk with sadness for my Conrad. I could tell from the cluster of dialogue that she was trying to get checked out fast as her girl had reach epic proportions of this meltdown. The entire store could hear her, and my heart couldn’t take it anymore.

I left my cart right there in the line, and walked down the check out hub toward the screeching and rumbling of the battle. I found the mom, attempting to control her daughter with one arm and pay the cashier with another… while her baby boy sat in the cart smiling. The girl had now gotten physically out of control and was hitting and kicking with all her might, as this precious mom looked desperate to get the hell out of this mess- but couldn’t because all of her attention was now in trying to control her daughter. The cashier and countless onlookers just stared in silence.

I ran up to this mom and asked if I could help. I told her in the throes of this massive storm, that we have ALL been there! As her eyes met mine, she began to let out that familiar breath of defeat, causing me to nod with absolute sympathy and reach for her with my experienced hand. She thanked me and poured out those frantic explanations- that her girl wanted a treat and she said no and she just didn’t know why she was doing this and she never has been this out of control and and and and….

I nodded and smiled and told her I get it. “Let me help?” I begged.

The girl broke free. Running at top speed toward the other end of the store, leaving this mom with the baby in the cart and the silent onlookers and cashier just waiting, waiting, waiting to check her out.

She gasped.

“I’ll go get her- you just check out! We got this!”

I ran as fast as I could toward the corner of the cosmetics department, as I spotted this little tiger’s beautiful hair flying in the air. She was fast, and scared, and in that crazed state of savagery. I dodged the lipstick display and rounded the corner of the lotions, as she darted through the shampoos and crawled behind the hair supplies to hide. I finally found her, as she glared at me with the look only little innocent confused raging child can. I tried to sweet talk her into coming out, but she would have nothing to do with me. I then crawled my way under to grab her as she hit and kicked and tried to squirm away…

I kept sweetly singing in her little ear, “It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. You’re okay, sweetie. Let’s go back to mommy…”

She kicked and hit and pulled my hair and screamed, as I fought with all my might to hold on to her.

I headed back to the mom who had finally checked out, carrying a fighting strong willed adorable tyrant that almost managed to escape my grasp multiple times. I kept telling this beautiful little girl that she was okay. I knew that she was beyond anything we could salvage, but I wanted her to know that although she was out of control, I was not. I stayed calm, as my voice continued to be soft and tender. She needed no added stress from me, and I simply wanted to take her back to the safety of her mother’s arms.

I finally found her mom, who looked at me so deflated, exhausted and terrified to see her daughter so violently out of control.

I told her I would help her outside to the parking lot to get the kids in the car with the groceries. Her little girl got a good grab of my hair and the mom kept apologizing and thanking me, with that horrifying gasp of humility. I kept telling her over and over that ALL kids do this, and she is a good mom and I am here to help…

I handed the little warrior over to mom’s arms to continue the battle, knowing full well this wasn’t mine to combat, but hers. I was just her aid, so I pushed the cart with the adorable baby boy smiling and babbling with me, as I tried to keep his normal world at bay. We reached the parking lot and worked tirelessly to get her daughter into the car as this little girl had more power than the two of us together.

It took us nerves of steel and the strength of an almighty victor to get this girl buckled into her car seat as she continued to kick and scream and pull our hair as we got close to her.

Oh this poor mom. She kept apologizing and I felt the immensity of her momma heart so sunken and soaked in utter embarrassment and overwhelming angst. We were a good team, taking turns with the baby boy and the cart and managing the little fireball who wouldn’t quit.

After a good 30 minutes, the kids and groceries were in the car and we fell into each other’s arms and cried.

She thanked me over and over again. And I told her over and over again, that this is what mothers do- they help each other out. They dive into the trenches because we are ALL there at some point. I told her she is not a bad mother, she is an amazing mom and all kids -ALL kids have meltdowns. I told her that I was there for a reason, and I went against my natural instinct to stay home- for THIS. God had sent me to this place in time for her. It was so clear to me. So very clear. I had a Divine appointment waiting for me at this grocery store.

This precious mom cried more. I cried more. She kept thanking me and sharing how she feels like such a failure and how this has never happened and how she would have never been able to manage this scene without me. She told me I was her angel.

It was so raw, and real, and beautiful. Two moms crying and hugging in the parking lot… bearing our souls while the screaming continued in the car. What a scene. What a glorious guttural moment. 

Of compassion.

We stood in that deep beautiful connection of pain, of strength, of utter defeat and complete victory. We laughed at the unbelievable fight her girl had. We talked about the looks and the stares and the awful judgment had by everyone else around us. I continued to convince her that this is totally and completely normal- ALL of it.

We exchanged numbers. I told her to drive and cry and let it all out and don’t stop until both kids fell asleep.

I waved goodbye with tears still in my eyes and my heart ablaze with love for this new friend and precious mom. This matters. THIS.

I ran back into the store to see if my cart was even there, and once again had this surge of panic that I had pushed down over and over again, while helping this new mom friend. I kept secretly praying that God would care for my daughter while I was carrying out His mission. I forced the peace of His Protection into my heart, with the confidence that He would indeed hold my baby with His Hands, while I did His work with mine.

I found my cart, placed out of the line and off by the service desk. I grabbed it to once again, get back in the line to check out and race home.

Once in the car, I began to sob. I cried all the way home, not tears of pain but joy. I rejoiced in the most amazing passionate praise that simply illuminated my heart as I thanked God for his call. I thanked Him for picking me that day, to carry out His work.

I came to this store defeated and depleted. Little did I know, God can still use me in my weakest state. Little did I know that I would be infused with great strength and stamina and be presented with such a merciful gift.

Oh, what a marvelous plan He weaves through us all. Oh, what a miraculous day it turned out to be.

I got home to find my daughter immediately exasperated and questioning my whereabouts. It had been two hours. She was frustrated but she was fine.

“Oh, honey… do I have a story for you!

The beautiful thing about this is that I knew my daughter would understand. I felt completely confident that she would join me in the joy of it all. And she did.

I prayed for this mama all day. I knew the place she was in… I had been there many times with my own kids. I decided to text her and follow up to make sure she indeed made it home and her baby girl was fast asleep by now, and she- this dear mom who had been through the toughest battle of her motherhood journey… had recovered.

“Praying for you! You are NOT allowed to feel any shame or remorse. Only love and goodness and light! Promise? Just had to send a quick text and tell you how blessed I am to have met you today. Hang in there mama! (Chris Carter, your new bff. LOL) Coffee date in the coming year!”

Her response:

“Chris, you saved me from a nervous breakdown (or worse!) today!! I am the one who is blessed for having met you. She finally stopped crying once she realized I was crying and the poor girl felt sad for me! Thank you sincerely for your help and hugs and for being my guardian angel during one of my most challenging periods of motherhood ever. I hope God smiles on you and your family as He has on me by bringing you into my life. Let’s definitely get together soon under more calm circumstances so that I can get to better know my new bff!!”

I share this story to exemplify what happens when us moms tune in and sometimes dive in, to help another mother out. I share this story as a testimony for all the moms out there who do this, often. I share this story to remind ME that I need to listen to my heart and sacrifice parts of my own self in order to step out of my comfort zone and reach more willingly toward those who are in need. I share this story to offer encouragement to us all, and inspire us all to be moved into a purposeful mission when called.

I share this story, because it is one of compassion. Deep compassion, for another struggling soul who just needed a hand, a heart, and a hug. And in the end, we both got that very same thing.

Compassion does that, you know. When we act on it, it fills both the giver and the gifted.

Compassion Fills Both The Giver and the Gifted









I was both that day.


Today I join thousands of voices to spread awareness of the incredible gift of Compassion.  May we all be reminded of its power!

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  1. says

    Oh, man, Chris, where were you when Kidzilla was having those meltdowns in the supermarket??? LOL.
    You are indeed an angel. Very few would reach out like you did and end up with a new BFF to boot!
    Great story. Why was this a secret???

    • says

      I guess I just wasn’t sure how to write about it, and hesitant because it was such a raw and powerful and personal day. I really felt deep down, that someday I would write about it- and when the compassion movement began, I immediately thought of it! This happened right after thanksgiving, and it’s been so crazy since – that’s another reason why I haven’t shared this experience. I hope this woman, if she ever reads this- is okay about me sharing!! I worry about that- but anonymity is here, and the message is so significant to me!

  2. says

    YES, YES, YES this is what I mean by a village. That it a village is formed by strangers coming together in comfort and compassion. It is about being THERE when you would rather be mired in your own troubles. It is seeing a mom at the brink and holding her hand and keeping her from the edge.

    You ARE a hero and I hope you remember that the next time you find yourself on the edge

    • says

      Oh Kerri!!! You nailed it, my friend. And I am certainly no hero… perhaps a friend. And I need to dive in like I did that day, much MUCH more often. Thank you… from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

  3. says

    Such a beautiful story from such beautiful soul! I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I was in your shoes – my guess is true the other way and go about my business. Perhaps next time – no, for sure next time – I’ll remember this story and go outside of my comfort zone to do a little more.

    • says

      You are SURELY not alone in the ‘going about my business’ Lisa! Lord knows, I have done that too. I always am drawn to those moms, and I tend to approach them with a compassionate smile and encouraging words. But honestly? Doing more is best. I have no idea why I dove in that day… maybe because it was so extreme. There was no way, she could have done it all on her own.

    • says

      It is the most HORRIBLE thing, isn’t it Jeannine? I have absolutely been there too… and THIS time, I’m so glad I could help. I hope we all choose to dive in more, when we see a mama struggling. I sure wish I had that help!

  4. says

    I have so many tears right now, Chris. It reminds me of a very similar meltdown had by Biz last summer. It was terrible. It wasn’t him. It took all I had to get him out of the store and into the car. So much screaming, kicking and struggling. I saw a woman I have volunteered with who asked if I needed help. There wasn’t much to do, but she told me to drive around and take them for a treat. I ended up at Land’s End, our place of solace by the water last summer. Biz calmed down and we took in the salty air, which I am convinced heals everything. I know he was just having a hard time. We got past it. But, oh how that compassion makes a difference. Thank you for sharing this story. You have come to my rescue a few times as well!

    • says

      I remember that story, Jen. I love where you ended up. I’m in tears for so many reasons, just thinking about you and all you have been through. I love you. And I’m so glad your boys are doing so so so well. That is ALL you, girl. ALL you.

  5. says

    What a beautiful story Chris and seriously I really do feel blessed that I know you and couldn’t love you more with all my heart if I tried. It is like you just always know the right thing to do and when you are needed most even if the worst of times for you. God bless you now and always 🙂

    • says

      AW!!! Thank you SO MUCH for those precious words, Janine!!! THIS day I did the right thing. I pray I can have more days, where I choose to do the right thing.

  6. says

    Oh Chris, if I were a momma to babes this side of Heaven, I would pray for your arms and heart to extend my way in moments such as these. You have written a story upon her heart in the pen of compassion; and I’m sure, sooner or later, she’ll have the opportunity to do the same.

    Blessings to you, sweet friend, for your transparency and warrior heart. I am truly blessed to know you.

    With friendship,

  7. says

    Chris I am so overwhelmed with this post. Such and unexpected cry. This is a beautiful testimony that you’ve shared and I do believe that you saved her life that day, if it was her physical life or that of her children it was her spiritual life. You were and are and amazing angel!

    • says

      I still cry when I think about that day, Kenya. I want more stories to be like this one. I want to be able to tell more stories where I dove in, instead of just smiling and saying something nice. This day, I did the right thing!

  8. says

    Gorgeous and PERFECT for this, my darling Kitty. YOU LIVE THE VILLAGE. Gosh, you’re such a blessing to so many 🙂 I love your heart and your passion for caring for others.

    You are an inspiration to me 🙂

  9. says

    Oh, Chris – you are amazing!! Where were you when that was my Hunter???? I was that mom with the 3 year old pitching a fit totally out of control more than once and finally went through a 4 month period where I didn’t leave the house with him because I couldn’t handle the looks from others when I wasn’t able to control my child. One day I hope that I’m the one who can help another mom on “one of those days.”

    • says

      I don’t believe there is a mother out there, who hasn’t been through something similar! This poor mom had it really bad, clearly needing a helping hand. I am just so glad I dove in, this day. BUT I am convicted about all the other days I chose to walk away… May we both encounter more opportunities, Kim!!

    • says

      I get them all the time, Anita. And sadly, I don’t *always* follow them. THIS reminds me of what happens when I do. I am convicted, to respond to God’s nudges more!

  10. says

    Chris, this post is too beautiful for words. It moved me so very much! It’s such a living example of compassion – one we can all relate and take a lesson from. I know that I certainly did. What you did was amazing – you were a Godsend to that mother when she needed one. Bless you and thank you for setting the compassion bar higher for all of us! We will certainly try to hurdle it because you’ve so wonderfully proven that the jump is indeed possible. Thank you and I’m happily sharing your post! 🙂

    • says

      Oh Marcia, your beautiful comment blessed me so much!!! Thank you, my friend. <3 I too, need to jump more often. I know for certain, there is great joy in and through to the other side of compassion.

  11. says

    Oh my friend! God used you as a blessing to that woman in the exact moment she needed it most. You are an inspiration and the true meaning of compassion. Hope your sweet girl is feeling better! Hugs!

    • says

      THIS time, I did the right thing… I am convicted in sharing this story, of making the choice to dive in more often! My girl is doing better, Leah. Thanks my friend!

  12. says

    I am sobbing right now. you so nailed it. the least we do for one another, right?
    so many times I could have used an angel like you…. and none appeared. (although, clearly we both know, I was NEVER alone) — but it just strengthened my resolve to be that for someone else. Your last line is a GIFT!! <3

  13. says

    Tears in my eyes! You are an amazing woman Chris! Just like the momma you helped out! This is what we need more of! No criticism nor judgement! Love you lots!

    • says

      That day was an amazing day… on SO many levels!!! I am truly reminded in telling this story, that there are moms EVERYWHERE that need us to dive in and BE in it with them. I hope more times than not, I make this same choice!

  14. says

    I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. You listened to a prompting you didn’t understand at first, and you were there to help in just the way that was needed. What a blessing to all! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. It really struck a nerve with me. I wish everyone would be as compassionate as you are!

    • says

      I know you get this prompting Kristi!! And I am sad to say, I wish I had MORE stories just like this one. Sure, I can be kind and compassionate in the safety of my words and smiles- but this time, I dove in. I wonder how many times I missed God’s call to do this on countless other occasions… this story brings me to tears, every time I think about it! To me, it reminds me of the joy we receive when we DO listen to His prompt, and act on it!

  15. says

    What a lovely thing to do, and what a lovely lady you are. Yes, we have ALL been there, and will be there again, in one way or another. I know I could’ve used you in the grocery store lots of times. Hugs to you.

    • says

      Thanks so much Kathleen! I too, have been in the throws of a toddler tantrum with a baby and all onlookers just stared in disbelief. It was horrifying. I’m just so glad THIS time, I did the right thing. I am convicted to do this more, because there will ALWAYS be a mom in need.

  16. says

    I love this so much, Chris. I absolutely believe that giving compassion is as much as a gift as receiving it, and your story proves it. I’m so glad you and your new bff came together that day, to help each other.

  17. says

    Hi Chris! I have been that woman at the check-out stand, altho my son was not assaulting me. It’s so embarrassing, all you feel is judged.
    What an angel you were. Yes, compassion wrapped in a bundle of loving mom. Here you were worried about your daughter, but God was nudging you right out the door. You had a job to do! And you did it so well.
    I hope you do meet for coffee. We all need friends who nurture our hearts, and support us in those crazy time.

    • says

      Oh Ceil, you are so good for my soul!

      This happened after Thanksgiving… and life has simply NOT stopped since- Surgery, two horrific losses, and Christmas… to start. But yes, I have thought about texting her and checking in!! And then, I think to let it go- and just let that moment be what it is. Now a memory that at least for me, will be treasured.

  18. says

    So sweet of you and I love that you so willingly just helped. I wish I could be more like this. I in my head thing (wow glad I’m past that stage), give a smile and say something along the lines of “oh, we have all been there” or maybe “It gets better, hang in there” , but I never think to actually help. Great post

    • says

      Oh, KC me and you both! I always do the “smile and say something to help her feel better” any chance I can get… but I’ve never dove in this way. This poor mama needed extra hands and legs and apparently, God knew that. 🙂

  19. says

    Chris, this is a wonderful story. You were absolutely supposed to be there to help this mother. What a blessing for both of you to witness. I always get chills when I read stories like these. Stories not only of compassion, but of trusting that voice. The one that guides and protects and leads us to do what is meant to be done. Absolutely beautiful!

  20. says

    Lovely. Isn’t it amazing how God can use us to help others and bless us at the same time? I’m sure that young mother will never forget that moment when you came to her aid.

    • says

      It is amazing how God can not only use us to bless others but even when we think we have NOTHING left to give! I truly felt that way, that day… but God knows what we are capable of when He directs the circumstance!

  21. says

    Chris – What a powerful message! We as fellow mothers must step in and help each other!!!!! What a sincere gift you were to that woman on that day! God Bless You! You are an example for all of us!

  22. says

    I love your story and it brought back so many old memories when I’d be out with my twins and then with three boys. One would disappear and run off into the mall and I’d be so frightened. I only wish there were more people like you out there to help the way you helped this Mom. I’ll remember your story for many years to come.

    • says

      Oh thanks so much Susan!!! I too, have stories like that… it’s terrifying and lonely and incredibly stressful! I’m just glad I chose to help that day. Why wouldn’t we all dive in and help each other out?

      I want more of this stuff to happen. I’ll start with me… challenging myself to do this MORE.

  23. says

    Oh I have been there, in this place, as both of these mothers. My heart was aching as I read this. I’m so glad that you were there with your mother heart that day.


    • says

      Thanks Kelly! I’m really glad I was there too. I have had many times where I could have used a hand- or at least a smile and understanding word or two. It’s such a lonely and difficult place to be with an out of control child in the midst of strangers!

  24. says

    This is such a beautiful story. We have all been there with a screaming child or praying for our sick child at home. Motherhood is a bond that we can recognize across the frenzy of our own issues. Thank you for sharing the story today.

    • says

      It IS a bond, and I felt it immediately upon hearing her little girl’s frustration. The motherhood bond is unconditional, to me. It’s like a sisterhood- and I simply stepped in to help a sister out. And isn’t it easy to recognize when another sister is struggling? It’s acting on it, that makes a difference even more. I learned that, this day.

  25. says

    When my kids were little and this happened, the only thing I cared about was that other shoppers would just offer me some grace while my child screamed. You went above and beyond, and I hope your new bff and others who witnessed your compassion learned from your example to do the same.

    • says

      I honestly was thinking similar things during that whole ordeal, while people were just ignoring- or worse staring! I hope they watched, probably surprised that some stranger would simply step in… but I hope it made them think about their own place in this world and when they might be more willing to step in too. I think quite possibly, people thought we were good friends with the way we interacted. Moms can do that, can’t they? Immediate bond happens often, especially in the thick of a crisis!

  26. says

    Oh, how I LOVE this. I always react this way to moms and dads I see who are having trouble with their kids and look so exhausted/embarrassed. It happens to the best of us, and we need to remember that! Thanks for the beautiful post!

    • says

      Shay, I love LOVE that you step in and help moms who are frazzled and need help desperately! I just love that! I need to do this more… so much more.

  27. says

    I love that even in your moment of pure depletion, you found it in yourself to give to a fellow mother who was having a difficult time. A little kindness goes such a long way. And most of the time we never realize how much of a positive impact it can have – and what that means to someone else. You are such a good soul, Chris. The best. xo

  28. says

    Oh Chris… I’m bawling… ugly crying. This was so beautiful, from God’s divine placement of you in that moment to you reaching out and bonding with this woman, this sister in the motherhood journey.

    The motherhood journey can be a hard and solitary one… you dear friend, are a blessing.

    I need to blow my nose now and bawl some more. I pray God continues to use you. I also pray that I will heed His call more often too– because as I read this I questioned if I jump to his nudges or not.

    God bless you my friend.

    • says

      You know, as much as I STILL cry when I read this- I am also completely convicted… because I have ignored those nudges countless times. This reminds me of the impact I could have if I didn’t.

      I am going to make sure I have more of these stories to write about…

  29. says

    Chris, you are the most beautiful soul. This was such a beautiful illustration of compassion, being able to reach down deep and put ourselves in their shoes and giving what she doesn’t even know she needs. Posts like this make us think of the impact we can have, and you just do it in the most beautiful way. I just ADORE your heart and soul. We are all so blessed to have you in our lives. Sharing this and your post on waiting on all my social media this weekend. Shine on, my beautiful friend. Shine on. xo

    • says

      Oh gosh, Topaz! Coming from you – this means everything to me! I chose well, that day. I am blessed for it!

      But truth be told? I don’t always choose to respond to those nudges, those calls… and I wonder how many people I did not have the impact God wanted me to have….

      So this is fuel for my fire. I stand convicted that i will honor those Divine appointments more willingly, because really? What on EARTH could be more important?

  30. says

    I’m in tears. This is just beautiful and so very powerful. We have ALL been there. And this…”I had a Divine appointment waiting for me at this grocery store.” Oh, my heart. You are indeed an angel, as well as your child for “getting it’. Also, will you be my BFF too? 😉 SO glad I stopped by!

  31. says

    I was away this weekend, with bad Wi-Fi and I waited to read this! It couldn’t be on my phone although I was tempted to read it under the covers, of the bed I was sharing with Scarlet.

    I love this story. You would be an angel to find in public, if this happened to me. Or worse – if I were the one behaving like the little girl. (aren’t we all tempted sometimes?)

    You’re a true gift!

    • says

      You’re so sweet T..

      But I’m just like everyone else… I just helped out. I know that if we all felt comfortable enough and took those bold steps out of our comfort zone, we would all be doing this very thing.

    • says

      Thank you so much Roshni!! I just made the right chose, and I much be more intentional about doing this more! I bet we could all find one mom to help a day, if we opened our eyes and our ears and our hearts…

  32. says

    What an angel of mercy you were for that mom. I’m so impressed that you chose to do what was hard when you could have ignored the cries, continued your shopping and gotten home a lot faster. Love in action. Bless.

  33. says

    I believe that you helped to make something magical on that day. So often we just turn away from situations like you experienced, and see it as “someone else’s problem.” It is awe inspiring that you could reach out to another soul in need, and help her. You are a good person. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    • says

      I felt SO good to do it, Anna. There is such a deep joy, when we dive in the trenches to help another person out. Nothing quite beats it, really. I’m really glad I made the right choice that day.

  34. says

    You’re right. It was meant. I do hope that the two of you manage to hook up for coffee soon. This could be the start of a wonderful friendship for years to come – all thanks to the antics of a little fireball.
    I am reminded of the time I had a sick lad at home and I raced out to get medicine and do a foodshop and get a bit of freedom. My phone rang not 3 minutes later. I’d absentmindedly put the alarm on and the poor wee guy set it off. He was terrified. I couldn’t get home fast enough.

    • says

      Things have been so crazy here that I haven’t come up for air since this fateful day!! I think about her so much… I need to text her and set up that coffee date! 🙂

  35. says

    Oh, this was such an amazing thing to do, Chris! You are a wonderful human being. This has been an inspiring read, and I’m going to think of this the next time I see a mom who needs help.

  36. says

    You are simply amazing. I got chills reading this story. You were absolutely on God’s errand that day, and I just pray there is someone like you around next time I have a similar breakdown. 🙂

  37. says

    Oh my gosh! What a story! I cannot believe it. That poor woman was so lucky that you were brave enough to step in. Did this happen while you had you foot in a boot?? I am amazed and in awe of you strength. Well done momma.

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