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Hey friends!!  I am over at My Rural Mommy today sharing one of my favorite stories… about a girl on her own for the first time, and a mom letting go and watching her fly.  Have you ever watched your child make a choice on her own and take that step all alone?  I have.  She was only 7 then, and her courage still amazes me.  This experience forced me to let go… and as hard as it was to do just that-

The result was exhilarating!!!

Come take a look and share your thoughts.  Do you have a story about letting go?  Would love to know.

Find my story over at her place!

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    Great story, Chris! My oldest is married and next oldest is a sophomore in college. Talk about learning to let go! It’s hard! I still have two at home that I might or might not be clinging to for a little longer 🙂

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      Oh WOW Marty!!! You have had all kinds of seasons of “letting go” haven’t you?? We can all learn from you, my new friend!! Thanks so much for reading and sharing… 🙂 So grateful.

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      OOOOOOH!!! I love that we have TWIN personalities!! (Would you have said that??) Now every time I write something, I will think of you and wonder… “What would my twin say??”. 🙂 Such a blessing our friendship is already!

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