Perhaps God Moves Mountains After All…


My dear beloved friend attempted suicide last weekend…

I held her in my arms as she cried over and over again, “I want to die Chrissy… I want to DIE.”

Over and over again.

Over and over again.

I had happened upon her second attempt.

My arms wrapped around this precious broken soul, and I just couldn’t hold her tight enough. I couldn’t take the pain away. I couldn’t carry her to a better place…

Oh how I wish I could.

Instead 911 was called and she was taken to the ER, and admitted.

My dear precious friend. Broke.

I have a lot of friends barely surviving the shattered pieces of their lives right now. My heart is so heavy for so many that I can barely lift it up and carry on. But I do, because I can. My children have no idea…

Oh, the dichotomy.

I have spent the week caring for my precious broken friend, and her adoring daughter that bears the weight of finding her mom- and the note. I can’t even begin to describe the strength that exudes her young life as she navigates around paying bills and hearing diagnoses and running around town dealing with the absence of her mother. All the while, sick with Mono and missing her college classes this past week.

Oh, how I worry for her.

I have spent my waking hours grappling with it all, and trying to do what I can to show up.

I want to be there for the others too. They are on my mind as I wander through this thick haze of trauma.

Life is hard people.

But you know that already, don’t you?

Why oh why does this world sink us?

Those mountains He could move!

But He doesn’t.


Oh why?

I’m constantly praying through each moment… and I keep going back to this same thing.

God can move mountains, but He would rather move people.

Does He move you?

Where are your hands? Your feet?

Are they stretched toward the hurting? The broken?

They are right in front of you.

Or are you thinking, ‘Man, Chris really has some messed up friends in her life.”

If so…

You aren’t living deeply enough dear reader.

Because really?

There are people in your life who suffer. They are everywhere.

I could list at least ten major crises that are going on with different friends right now… and they are true nightmares.

But I won’t, because the point of this post is this:

If you don’t know many- yes MANY people in your life who are suffering, then you are not living deeply. You are not diving into relationships that divulge the muck, the madness, and the mayhem that surrounds our lives. It’s everywhere…

Even in your friends’ lives.

And if you don’t know it’s going on, then you simply aren’t looking hard enough.

Dig in. Dive deep. This is life.

The trenches are where the deepest love abounds. I can say with total assurance that the greatest treasures of my life are the most difficult ones that take the very fibers of my heart and stretch them beyond capacity.

This is where I live.

And I urge you to live there too…

Because the superficial, protected life only lasts so long, sweet friends. There’s little glory in that anyway.

Get some grit in your grab. It’s hard- but it’s worth every shattering moment.

So, I ponder and pray…

And honestly? I don’t know why God allows such things. I wonder constantly about this, and always seem to find the answer in this truth.

WE are His Hands and Feet.

God would rather move people than mountains.

I wish He would move mountains…

Diagnoses cured.

Accidents unscathed.

Broken marriages repaired.

Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc………………….

But He doesn’t use His Mighty Power to Heal, to Steal the evil from this world and throw it in the fire.


He uses hearts. And hands. And feet.

I suppose it’s our hearts He wants, so perhaps it’s all about the end game. His vision is different. I can only imagine what His Landscape carries across the unknown existence of our world. I think of Job often, and dare to understand the battle that is beyond. Does God bargain with the devil for us all?

I don’t know.

But what I believe is that the things of this world mean nothing to Him. Our hearts and the ever-after means everything.

So while we exist here in the whirling dish of diabolical winds…

Lets hold on to each other, okay?

Let’s be moved by His Call.

We are His People. And in the disgrace of it all, He pours through us His Grace and giving.

Where shall we go with it?

To those who need it.

Allow His Work to be done, as He so passionately desires…

Through and in and around hearts.

Not mountains.


Find them…

They are everywhere-

If you look deep enough-

Carry those who are broken.

Serve those who are in need.

Show up.

Open up.

Be vulnerable.

Take risks.

Have courage.

And hold them tight, when they want to die.


Perhaps God Moves Mountains After All



I am beginning to learn that…

WE are the mountains He moves.





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  1. says

    This post makes me want to take my shoes off.

    You are INCREDIBLE, and a mouthpiece.

    You have no idea. I’m sat here with a grin the size of a barn door.


    Chills. For real.

  2. Sandy Garrett says

    Chris, first and most important I’m so glad that your friend has you in her life……you are a blessing to her! God has placed you in that relationship for a reason long before this ever happened! I also can so relate to the surface relationships. I’m in a small group with NewSong and it’s about taking care of our soul. The first chapter was about being “hurried” in this world. I think that causes me to be in surface relationships as you mentioned but not only with those around me but for myself and not taking care of me. Hope that made sense. I will keep your friend, her daughter and you in my prayers! Love ya!

    • says

      Oh Sandy- it made TOTAL sense!!! We can easily ignore and dismiss our own ‘digging deep’ and paying attention to our own needs- in this hurried world we live in. There is so much focus on the ‘superficial’ and the ‘functioning’ of life- that we lose sight of our hearts- and I believe that is what lead my friend down this crumbling road. It’s difficult to take such bold and sacrificial steps ‘in’ and sort through tough emotions and stressers that invade our lives and hearts- but is truly is critical. It really does go both ways- if we are not balanced and whole and set in Christ, we cannot live fully.

      I will be praying for YOU my friend… for open moments to be filled with restoration and perhaps some ‘renovation’ as well! Lord knows we all could use some of both!! 🙂

  3. says

    When I got to your last line I was never convinced more that God does indeed move mountains. Seriously, Chris I have said it before and will say it again, you really are just light here on the internet for all of us and cannot thank you enough for that. I am praying and sending good thought for your friend and her daughter, as well and just hopeful that they both can get through this trying time in their lives.

    • says

      Oh Janine… YOU are a light on the internet and I’m absolutely positive you shine it everywhere else too my dear friend! Thank you, your encouragement swells my heart every time. Truly!! And yes, I am really encouraged by the steps my friend is taking bold and beautiful healing steps toward light and life again. SO grateful for that!!

  4. says

    I’m so sorry that your friend was so desperate that she wanted to die. I was on hand when my cousin’s husband tried to commit suicide, and it’s so traumatic. But yet you wrote such uplifting words! We are the mountains God move…and boy, sometimes we are the most stubborn mountains!

    • says

      Oh Ginny! I’m so sorry you had to experience that trauma too… and oh yes oh yes oh yes, we are often those stubborn mountains!! God will surely get our attention though… and I pray for many, that it’s not too late.

  5. says

    It breaks my heart when I hear about people who have lost all hope and feel they must end their life. I have a friend whose son took his own life. My heart just hurts for those that don’t realize there is ALWAYS hope in Christ, no matter how bad life seems. You are so right. We need to be the hands and feed of Jesus, so that those hurting around us can experience that Hope.

    • says

      Oh Stephanie! I am SO sorry to hear about your friend’s son… how absolutely CRUSHING. I pray your friend can ‘experience that Hope’ we speak of…

      (And I hope and pray you YOU are doing okay, my friend!)

  6. says

    Oh he does! Yes he does! You will see it of you open your eyes and your heart. I am so glad to hear that your friend is okay now and more so that she has started reading the Bible.
    And I hope that you are okay. Must have been very hard to have seen a loved on hurting so much. It pulls us down, but you are a rock of a friend. Sending you virtual hugs! and praying for the continuous healing of your friend.

    • says

      I LOVE your comment Jhanis!!! “You will see it if you open your eyes and your heart.” YES YES YES!! It’s amazing really, how God balances things ‘just so’ in order for us to be the ‘rock’ in other people’s storms. Oh, how I love that. <3

  7. says

    Hi Chris! What a heartbreaking story. I am so sorry for your friend and her daughter. What a stroke of grace that you would be there for her. God knew he could call on you, and you would answer.

    I have many family members with heartaches. I have a few myself. I can’t agree with you more that we are here to support and help each other. Not to solve the situation, but to show that we’ll accompany our brothers and sisters and help where we can.

    You are a wonderful example of that. May God keep giving you the strength to be where you need to be.
    Such a powerful post,

  8. says

    I have had the words “living deeply” in my brain since I read this post this morning. Our lives change dramatically when we live deeply. I feel this post so much. Hard to explain, but I know you understand. 🙂

    • says

      Oh girl, you KNOW I understand. I think so many people miss it… until they are catapulted INTO the deep in their own lives and realize it too late. I wish so badly for people to take risks in digging in, and being vulnerable so that they too can be lifted and carried if and when life crashes in their own wake. Living blindly doesn’t go far… There is a deeper way of living, of giving and of receiving that is full of richness and fulfillment! I know you KNOW THIS!!! <3 YOU!

  9. says

    I hope your friend turns out to be okay and gets the treatment she needs. It’s a paralyzing thing to witness, and I wish you strength as you help your friend and her daughter.

    • says

      Thank you so much Scott. I really appreciate your kind words! She will be okay… I truly believe that, and I’m so encouraged by the way she is taking bold steps to insure that.

  10. says

    First of all, I love you. Second of all, I am so glad you are my friend. Third of all, I am so glad you are there for your your friend who is in a crisis right now and 4th, I am so glad we are here for each other. I have to tell you that lately, I’m kind of longing for my superficial, protected life – but I know that’s not my path, and I know that I have work to do here, above and beyond that path. Thank you for being one of the friends who’s not afraid to get into my mess. I love you. xo

    • says

      First of all, I love you. Second of all, I’m SO glad you are my friend. Third of all, I am blessed by amazing people in my life. Fourth- I am incredibly grateful for YOU and our beautiful bond… always.

      (Thinking a TON about you… call me, let me know how it’s going, okay?)

  11. says

    This post is absolutely beautiful! Your remarks reminded me of these quotes:

    “I don’t want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed w/perfect manicured fingernails. I want to drive in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp, a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed another’s garden, sticky kisses on my cheeks from my children, & the tears of a friend on my shoulder. I want the Lord to know I was really here & that I really lived.” -Marjorie Hinckley

    “God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other. . .”–Spencer W. Kimball

    Thank you for the reminder of our sobering, worthwhile task–to love and serve. I hope that your friend and her daughter (and the others you alluded to) can find peace and joy. And may you be buoyed up as you support and comfort those you know.

    • says

      Oh Kristi- how I adore ADORE your precious words and those quotes soooo much!!! Thank you friend. So much for blessing me with them! I am ‘buoyed up’ beautifully. I love how God does that! <3

  12. says

    You are a gift and I can only hope your broken friend can repair herself with help from you, the Bible, and whatever other beautiful thing can work.

    • says

      I think there are those powerful moments in our lives where the earth cracks open and we either dive down or rise up… and sometimes we dive down TO rise up. I believe that is what had to happen for my dear beloved friend. She is inching her way up, surely she will someday soar. <3

  13. says

    Chris, you are the best example of how to live that I know!!!
    No wonder I was so compelled to think about you earlier this week. And, the past 2 nights when I’m awake (usually around 2-4am) I have prayed for you and your friend.
    The other day I wrote about not being sure what my purpose was these days but I think your post just laid it out for me!!!
    Thank you for being you and sharing so much of yourself with so many – both in person and through your blog!!!

    • says

      Oh Kim- is that not the coolest thing EVER? Wow. Just so beautiful that you and I were connected in that way, my friend!! God moves US!! And I am just in tears reading your comment. It touches me SO deeply. <3

  14. says

    I love this. I struggle with wanting to have these deep relationships with friends so we can lean on each other, but often feeling like the world is used to superficial relationships so we suffer in her own houses with no one else knowing what is really going on each others lives. Such a powerful piece. Will pray for your friend. You’re amazing.

    • says

      Meredith, your comment is EXACTLY what I was thinking about when I wrote this! Oh, thank you thank you thank you for your honesty! You speak the voice of MANY people… it can be SUCH a superficial world out there, and taking risks to be vulnerable and open to dig deeper is down right scary for many.

      I pray you take the chance. I promise, it will be worth it. <3

  15. says

    Oh, Chris! I’m so sorry to hear about this. I love that she has opened a Bible. That alone can move a mountain for her. And with your love and friendship, she can’t lose :). Unfortunately, after a lifetime of mental illness, I can completely relate to her. It breaks my heart for her precious daughter. That is a lot to deal with at such a young, vulnerable age. I’m glad she has you to turn to. I completely agree that if we don’t know about our friends hurts, we “aren’t living deeply enough.” I can feel your love and pain reaching out from your beautiful words. Many prayers for you and your sweet, hurting friends!

    • says

      Thank you for your beautiful words Candace… It just breaks my heart to think that some people are living through their own suffering alone. I know they are out there. And I know it can be exhausting and scary to ‘dive deep’ for many. It’s a challenge but it’s worth the risk. I hope those who live protected come to realize that life in the ‘deep’ is much more fulfilling.

    • says

      It was an intense week, but honestly? Sometimes it takes the ‘fall’ to rise again with a new perspective and clearer insight into why it happened. I pray that people everywhere are not alone when/if they ever get to that point in their lives. I shudder at those who are… it absolutely breaks my heart.

  16. says

    I will pray for your friend and her daughter. And for you. You are such a voice with your unwavering faith. You give anyone who has even a small amount of faith something to aspire to. Your friends are blessed to have you!

    • says

      Thanks my friend… There is nothing special about me- or my faith, except that I seem to have countless opportunities to see God’s elaborate design threaded through the lives of many. It’s such a powerful thing to witness, and I feel blessed to be a part of anyone’s journey.

  17. says

    I cried reading this Chris. The words so strong… they hurt. They hurt because at one point in my life, I tried to take my life. It pains me to think of those memories of being hurt and broken and feeling so alone.

    Then just a little over two years ago I was put on a medication and after having two weeks of intense depression and constant suicidal thoughts I realized that I needed to get off of that medication and seek an extra dose of Christ.

    You are so right about the brokenness of people Chris. They are everywhere – throughout our lives. Suffering, many doing so in silence.

    Thank you for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop). I will pray for you and your friend.

    • says

      Oh Jennifer, how I adore your precious heart!!! Thank you friend, for your honest perspective and beautiful words. They ARE everywhere- and my heart breaks of anyone suffering alone. We are CALLED to dive deep… and be God’s hands and feet. I pray those lonely souls are found.

      Would you be willing to share your heart here for one of my devotional dairy days (anytime!)? Oh, how I know it would touch many hearts!! Think and pray on it, and let me know? <3

  18. says

    I join in agreement with all the others. I know God will move in this situation and pray for your friend and daughter. I know He has already moved in ways we don’t fully comprehend yet. He is so wonderful and awesome. Thanks for being brave and sharing your heart.

  19. says

    Praying and standing in agreement with you for your friend Chris! Mental warfare IS real! People think ministry is easy and glamorous, but it can be hard, tedious and downright dirty, BUT oh so rewarding! So grateful, honored and proud to call you a fellow soldier in His great Kingdom!! LOVE YOU MUCH my sister for always thinking of others(being Christ-like)!! I think I may get blinded by all the BLING that’s going to be on your crown when you get to heaven, lol!! xoxoxo

    • says

      Oh you CRACK me UP Michelle! Bling! YOU won’t even see me, with all the illumination from YOURS girl!!! Are you blogging again for realz? Or was that just a ‘tease’? I haven’t seen any posts come through from you to my inbox… I hope I haven’t been missing them!! Will go see soon. <3 YOU!

  20. says

    I’ve had several people who have battled with severe depression in my life, but never have I been the one to hold them in that shattered moment. My heart aches for your friend. I pray God moves in her and as she reads God’s word she finds hope. We live in such a broken world, but I know so well what you mean, God is so desperate to use all of it to draw people to Himself. Always calling, and always asking us if we are willing to live a life of radical sacrifice for those who need Him so desperately. Thank you for writing this post and reminding me to always dig deeply.

  21. says

    Chris, I so appreciated your visit to my blog from Fellowship Fridays. Wow. I do live deeply and see lots of suffering, but have never dealt with a suicide attempt. May the Lord give you grace to keep showing up for your friend and her daughter. He does move mountains.

    • says

      AW! Thanks for coming by to share such beautiful encouragement Betsy! As God often does- He orchestrates things just so to get our attention… and I am hopeful that my dear friend is beginning a new path of recovery and restoration that will lead her to a much happier and healthier life! I love how personal God is. <3

  22. Amy Adams says

    So very sorry for your friend’s heartache and situation. Sending her and you prayers to find strength in God’s love and I pray that she wins the fight through the wilderness.

    Living deeply is very hard. But you are a warm and bright soul to all who meet you and your post reminds us all to live with compassion. Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      Oh Amy, you are such a love to comment with such beautiful and encouraging words!! I love how you said that- the wilderness is very much the perfect description indeed…

      I absolutely believe that living with compassion is where our greatest source of fulfillment can be. Don’t you agree? <3

  23. says

    Wow. People movers…mountain movers. This post is simply moving. Prayers to your friend and her family. You are amazing. Your friend will never forget your willingness to stick by her.

    • says

      That is truly what friends do. They ‘show up’- even in the really hard parts of life. ESPECIALLY in the really hard parts. And who doesn’t have them? I pray everyone can truly dive deep and lift up someone who needs to be carried or held tightly. <3

  24. says

    Yes I know this!!! I live here too. Texting and skype till wee small hours of the morning to a friend on the ledge! and then again all the next day through their apologies for bringing their “crap” into my life. Crap I say?? what the heck… you are WORTH it my friend. So just you keep HOLDING THE HELL ON! Because I’m not given up, given in, or putting you out. Not if it takes a million texts across a million days. We are IN IT.
    It’s such an amazing thing: that TRUST that they give to you in sharing their pain. Revealing their hurt in all it’s ugliness and selfishness. To be trusted enough to hold someone in those hours of LOST — to me, it’s an honour.
    How can I not pass on the love and peace I know? It seems most selfish to keep that to myself. Not when it’s so easy to share. and that’s the greatest testimony we can be. To show someone they are absolutely worth that love. that they were created for more than a life of brokenness and pain.
    thank you for sharing this – it’s so important!

  25. says

    I’m so sorry that your friend is in such a dark place, and I hope your friendship and her relationships with her family and God can bring her to a place of light and hope. It’s so difficult to watch a friend hurting and feel powerless to make things better, I know. xoxo

    • says

      It was a rough week- but I see God orchestrating things just so, in order for her to find peace again. It had to come to this- so she could start her journey of healing and restoration that will lead to a full and healthy life. It is good. <3

  26. says

    This is just beautiful, Chris! My heart simultaneously broke and rejoiced as I read your words. My heart breaks for those who suffer so deeply in this world, yet it rejoices for those, like you, who choose to be His hands and feet! Can you hear Him saying, “well done, my good and faithful servant”? I can. Thank you for sharing this message with us. Yes, this world is hurting and broken, but God is still our God and He is always good. I will be praying fervently for your precious friend and her daughter.

  27. says

    Oof. This is lovely and convicting and wonderful. I’m sharing everywhere I can, and bookmarking to read over and over because it provides hope and challenges and all the thing that a perfect piece of writing should. Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      Oh Jennifer- how you blessed me SO much with your words of encouragement about this post- this message!! YES! Please do share it so it can reach more hearts and MOVE more PEOPLE to be God’s Hands and Feet in this world!!

      Thank you so much. I’m SO glad you came by to read it…

  28. says

    This post came at the perfect time for me. The brother of my sister’s best friend was hit by a drunk driver this weekend. They declared Neil dead yesterday. The family is devastated. His girlfriend, six months pregnant, is devastated. It’s hard to see what God is doing behind all of this pain, but I know something is there. It has to be. Otherwise, what is the point?
    Wonderful post, Chris.

    • says

      Oh Alexa…. my heart just CRUMBLED reading what happened!! I am praying for this precious family and all of those devastated by this terrible loss!!!

      Praying God’s Presence is felt in this tragic circumstance… somehow. Praying His Mighty hand reaches down and scoops up the broken hearts and tends to them in a powerful way.


  29. says

    Oh, my goodness, Chris. How awful and scary and gut wrenching. I am so glad you were there for her. We just never know what that person in the grocery store line, or department store clerk, or the person on the other end of the line is going through that day. We just never know. Everyone has a story. God bless you and your beautiful heart, my sweet friend. xo

    • says

      And I truly believe God calls us to dive deeper into the lives of others and offer them the love and compassion and care that God so desires!

      I pray this post challenges others to take risks in getting more involved in their friend’s lives and be a part of God’s Hands and Feet in this broken world!! I know it’s scary and uncomfortable for so many…

    • says

      We never know the people we encounter and what they are going through… we are called to be God’s Hands and Feet wherever He leads us. It isn’t easy- but it’s necessary and truly our greatest purpose. <3

  30. says

    “God can move mountains, but He would rather move people.”

    Chris, you are a prayer inside a dark world. You are a positive energy inside a negative one.

    I wish wish wish you lived near me. We could discuss GOD, life, love, words, & resurrection over a glass of wine or two.

    from MN.

    • says

      Oh Kim!!!! Can you imagine? Ah… dreaming of our time together over wine. Oh, how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that. I pray someday it WILL happen!! Lord knows I would be incredibly blessed to be in your company, dear friend. Incredibly blessed!

    • says

      It’s more and more true as my eyes and faith open wider… I am in awe of how He truly works through us all. Hands and Feet… we are His Hands and Feet!

  31. says

    This is inspiring Chris.. that we are the mountains He is moving to move others is simple beauty but it is profound truth. I am so sorry for the pain your friend is enduring but I am touched by your deep love for her. And praise God that she started reading the Bible, but praying more than anything she comes to know His amazing love is enough to meet her in her darkness.
    Thanks for the admontion.. the shout to be people who love deeply and intentionally meet the needs of others, that’s the very definition of Jesus with Skin on in a world needing to see His love.
    Bless you!

    • says

      Oh Dawn, how your words are such a blessing to me! Your precious insight and encouragement touch me so deeply. I am so grateful you came by to share your powerful response to this post. <3

  32. Tammy says

    Beautiful Disasters. That’s what we either all are, have been, or will be at some time in this life. Those moments can be a make-it-or-break-its for many of us. It matters that there are people there for us. Oh how I hope I listen to that still, small voice when it tells me to move, to act, to go, to call…

    You are divinely put where you are and you are going. Bless you

    • says

      “Beautiful Disasters”… yes yes yes. I think we are all divinely placed where we are, and where we are going. It’s all about listening to the call. I pray I too, listen to that ‘still small voice when it tells me to move, to act, to go, to call…” SO perfectly said Tammy. Thank you for your passionate response!!

  33. says

    Oh Chris, I could barely read your words without the tears spilling over. Just a few hours ago, I sat on my couch, a friend and I both sharing about 2 different women whose lives will be cut short by cancer soon. The sting. The pain. The what-in-the-world-can-I-possibly say.

    Yes, He moves.

    Lord, move in me.

    • says

      I am almost a year late in responding to this! GAH! But oh how your words speak to me… I pray we can never ever forget what a gift we have in being God’s strongest force of love. May we always carry out His Mission… may we reach in those broken places and carry the wounded, the sick, the hurting… with His LIFE-giving mercy.

      Even when we don’t think we have it in us. To me? THAT is faith in action.

  34. says

    Thank you for this new perspective! I have struggled with Matthew 17:20, ” He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you,” for many years, since the death of our infant daughter in ’02 & through many subsequent trials. Seeing myself as the mountain, I understand that passage now. Thank you for helping me find clarity in that!

    • says

      OH Jodi! I am so sorry you have had to endure such a horrible loss and more trials thereafter! I understand too well, how horrifying circumstances can wither us down, and yet God’s perspective is so different than our earthly one. We are all mountains… His relentless love will ultimately move us all. I absolutely love that you saw insight into that scripture through this post, Jodi. I pray God’s Voice continues to minister to your heart, my new friend. May He bless your faithful walk always. <3

    • says

      Oh thank you so much babe. I am SO glad you caught this one! I think it is one of my faves… it was a raw week and this was exactly my heart- and my passionate message. Actually, not mine at all- but God’s message. <3

  35. says

    Oh, so beautiful, Chrissy! So incredibly powerful. I loved this because this screams inside me every day when I see people choosing to live in shallow waters consistently and only: “You aren’t living deeply enough dear reader.Because really? There are people in your life who suffer. They are everywhere.” It takes every one of us to help the hurting. We all have a purpose to help each other…and life is better when we walk in this purpose. I am running a posting campaign for #NationalSuicidePreventionMonth on my social media. Adding yours to Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Love you!

    • says

      Oh Bonnie, I’m SO glad you came by to read this. I continue to discover just how many people don’t dive deep and dig in- and everyone needs both to be loved in this way and to LOVE in this way. I truly believe this is God’s greatest provision…

      I pray for all of those who are alone in their struggles… I pray for God to move those who surround them- to dive deep and dig in to their lives. We need each other, so desperately.

  36. says

    When I saw that you had posted about Suicide Prevention Day, I had to find enough internet access to read it. I’m sitting here, tears escaping my eyes, both feeling my heart break for you, your friend and her daughter, but also feeling it swell with love and admiration for you. Unlike many people in this world, you get it. Clearly, and abundantly, you get it. Because you get it, you’ve saved a life, and I have no doubt you will save others. It was because of someone like you, being God’s hands and feet when no-one else would, that I am alive and here today. That I did not go through with my third, fourth and fifth planned attempts. That I stopped fighting to die, and instead started fighting to live.

    Thank you for being filled with compassion and understanding over something so dark. You have a beautiful heart in this.

    I will be praying for your friend and her daughter as they navigate through this difficult time, and for you as well – that you remain strong, spiritually and emotionally through Christ.

    • says

      OH Tabitha… you are an incredible source of light and love and HOPE for us all. I am SO glad you came over to read this… and I pray you continue to have God’s Hands and Feet wrapped around you and lifting you and carrying you as you continue to fight to LIVE.

      Your purpose is powerful, my friend. Keep shining your light and using your voice. May God continue to bless both.

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