Divorce Is Devastating…

Divorce Is Devastating…

Divorce Is Devestating

I took your hand and prayed.

Shoving the anguish deep behind the shadow of strength…

I needed to have for you.

 This path you did not plan.

 This journey you did not intend.

 The moment has come to end…

 It all.

I walked away as you entered the room.

 I could only go so far.

 I let you go, the grip still lingering.

 My heart was pounding as loud as yours.

 You were faced with this decision alone.

 Alone you never knew.

 Grief rises in what this brings.

 The Pain of brokenness.

 God has forfeited this sacred loss.

 And Heaven’s Angels weep.

 I waited in a haze of sorrow.

 My heart soaked in sadness.

 Capturing scenes of years gone by.

 Fleeting memories of what once was.

 Moments of forever.

 Shattered on the ground.

 In pieces.

 37 years of togetherness.


 This life you have only known.

 Is gone.

 The bitter end is here.



 A new beginning waits.

 Covered in Redemption.

Conceived by His Grace.

  Created through His Purpose.

 Concealed in His Promise.


And I will hold your hand and pray with you.

 Going as far as I can.


Our Gracious God will be with you

As you begin again.

 And we will wait together…

 For tomorrow’s birth of dreams to unfold.


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  1. says

    Oh Chris. My heart just ached for the person who this is about. 37 years is such a long time to believe something will be one way only to have to let it go. That person is lucky you are there. Hugs.-Ashley

    • says

      It’s been a horrific ending to a lifetime of marriage, truly. But she is strong, and I pray that the worst is over. Now it’s time for rebuilding her life.

  2. says

    Devastating really is the word for this kind of loss and pain. The person who is going through this is blessed to have you walking beside them, praying, and their hand.

    • says

      Thanks Tracie. She has been like a sister to me for many many years… we have walked down many roads together. This one is of course the most devastating of all. Keep her in your prayers, my friend!

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      I am hoping the deep suffering of this horrible divorce is finally coming to an end as best it could. As difficult and awful as it is to accept, she is now moving forward to begin again.

  3. says

    Such a beautiful, almost haunting poem. I could feel the heartache in your account, it touched me so. Makes me want to go give my husband a hug and tell him how much I love him. Thank you for sharing (and for your friend too – for sharing her pain) so that we can be touched and be grateful for what God has given us.

    • says

      Amen to that, Marcia! I feel terrible in having this desperate gratitude that my marriage is still strong, and yet I am haunted by the idea that something built on such a strong foundation-such as their marriage- could crumble.
      Yes my friend. Lets hold our hubs a little tighter, shall we?

  4. says

    This is so beautiful. Divorce IS devastating…especially when there’s anger, resentment and children involved. But like this poem so wonderfully reminds…there is HOPE. I LOVE this ” A new beginning waits.
    Covered in Redemption.
    Created by His Grace.
    Conceived by His Purpose.
    Concealed in His Promise.’
    Great post! Love, love love the new look.

    • says

      Thanks so much Hope. I love that you absolutely always “get me” in my writing. There is really nothing more fulfilling than that!

      Please pray for my dear friend, as she starts her life all over again. I thank GOD that her children are strong believers and she has a beautiful bond with each one. THAT is the light that shines through this dark season of change for her.

      Thanks for noticing my new “look” Hope!! Still working out some kinks, but I think it is much softer and I love that. 🙂

  5. says

    Wow Chris! I can ONLY imagine how devastating divorce is! Just as my husband and I were preparing to get married almost 25 years ago, his parents were going through a divorce. It’s something that devastates the entire family…no matter how young or old the children are. A very poignant point you made…”this life you have only known, is gone”. But thank God the broken pieces of their heart can be put back together again! Thanks for sharing this Chris and THANK YOU for linking up my sweet friend! xoxoxo

    • says

      I don’t think anyone has lived without being affected by the pain of divorce sometime in their life- and the long suffering is almost unbearable for some.

      My friend is strong in the Lord. She is a love and a light. Her faith will carry her through to the new life she must build. Please pray for her, would you?

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    divorce is a terrible lost and it a end but also a beginning. Here to a new life adventure, life is about the journey there a time to grief and time to move on.. Good luck to you

    • says

      I love that verse in the bible, as it speaks so eloquently to our lives and the many seasons we must endure or invite as we move forward in change. There is a time for everything under Heaven!
      (Ecclesiastes 3:1 )
      Thank you for stopping by Deanna!

    • says

      Yes Melissa- I believe you said it best. Sometimes Hope is all you can hold on to, in the midst of grief. I do pray she believes there is a new life beyond this broken dream. She has a lot of life yet to live!

  7. says

    This made me tear up for the person going through this. I love the part about getting through it with His Grace and Promise. Often, that is the only way to get through life’s toughest moments. I am loving the new look!

    • says

      Oh thank GOD for Grace and Promise, yes?!! Lord knows we all need it at those pivotal times in our lives.
      This has been a long suffering loss, and I think now that it is finally ended- she can start to begin again.

  8. says

    I’m so sorry that you have to go through this, and hope you are getting the support you need from friends and family.
    Visiting from Bloppy Bloggers.

    • says

      I am only walking by her side, as she has suffered greatly through this awful end to her marriage. I am heartbroken for her, but have much hope that she will have a fulfilling life anew.

      Thanks for stopping by Estelle! I appreciate it so much. 🙂

    • says

      Thanks Tamra (ha! Now I have to write that so it makes me call you that in my head!! lol)

      Seriously though- it has been a devastating and horrific road of destruction. She is so strong. Her faith will get her through…

  9. says

    You have captured this so well. There are no words really to adequately describe the devastation – but you have done so beautifully . I have walked through that very very dark path and know the depth of despair you can reach. But 8 years later, I am living proof of the power of forgiveness, grace, redemption and that our prayers are answered, that we can become whole again and filled with light and love.

    • says

      OH Leah- you are a living example of a new life and a new love!!! God can redeem all the brokenhearted and show us a new way to love and live. I am so glad you survived and found true light in your beautiful new precious family!!

    • says

      I am so glad you did find the brighter side Melissa!! There is always hope and promise…
      Thank you so much for coming by to read and share. SO grateful!

    • says

      It’s been a long awful road to that moment. Two of my best friends have been going through similar paths ending their long marriage.

      I can’t tell you how heartbroken I am for them. Hug your hubs a little tighter… I know I do.

  10. says

    So beautifully said. We came very close to divorce more than once. We even separated for a while — that’s what actually saved our marriage. I call it my Abraham moment; I had to be willing to sacrifice what meant the most to me – my family – in order to show my trust in God. It didn’t make complete sense to me or our therapist, but I knew God was guiding me. It was the hardest thing I ever did, telling my husband he couldn’t live with us until he’d changed. It was also the most important thing I ever did. It was very hard on all of us, but it was right. I’m so glad we didn’t have to go down this road. It’s a rough one, even if it leads to better things ahead.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Oh Robin, you are such an amazingly faithful woman!! I just can’t imagine how hard that must have been. And yet, you trusted God through it all- and all things worked to the good according to His Plan. Amen?
      I know there has been so much suffering for you. Cling to Him, my friend. You have learned many times through out your life that He will lead you through it. I am praying for you…

    • says

      It’s been a long road of destruction to a beautiful union, I have been so heartbroken watching it crumble to pieces. I would have never ever guessed they would be the ones… and yet, we live in broken world.
      I thank God my friend is a faithful warrior. She will make it through…

  11. Tammy says

    Oh Chris. My heart aches for this friend. Your words of love, support and compassion speak so deeply into the reality of what someone going through divorce needs most – God and friends. Lifting prayers for you and your friend.

    • says

      My heart aches too, Tammy!! So so much. Lets lift her up in prayer regularly and walk by her side into her new beginning.

      She is such a beautiful soul. I know God has plans for her…

  12. says

    You have such a way with words Chris. Divorce is devastating…it makes me sad when I see people going through it and how much pain they are in. I think it is even more difficult when there are children involved.

    • says

      I know… it is just awful. I know far too many friends who have had to suffer such a loss and heart brake. Ugh. The children have to survive the crumbled pieces of their family.

      Thank God so many of my friends are so close with their kids and are doing their very best to provide as much love and security as they can for them.

  13. Candice says

    Lifting all those in prayer who ever have to go through such a painful experience….you offered much hope though with the second half of the poem…He is with those heartbroken souls through every step and every tear.

    • says

      Such a painful reminder how broken our world is… to think even the strongest of faith can fall. I realize that we must always cling to Him through every threat and attack that lurks in the shadows of our lives. It’s terrifying to think it could all crumble, if we are not alert.
      Hold Ryan a little closer tonight, sis. 🙂

    • says

      Oh you always have such a beautiful way with words Alison!!! I just love that…

      “God gives new life, beauty for ashes, joy for despair. We cling to that hope for all who go through divorce.”

  14. says

    Praying for the ones involved in this heart-wrenching poem.
    When the one person you have spent a life time with lets you down, when it all comes crashing to an end, it is devastating. But with every ending, comes a new beginning….

  15. says

    Divorce was one of the hardest things for me to experience. I was the one that always said “divorce is not in my vocabulary” but it happened. It’s not easy and it is beyond emotional and crushing but it does get better. Even on the hardest days.

    • says

      I love this Krystal… I am going to share this with my friend.

      Thank you for reading and sharing a part of you here, as it gives hope to an awful end.

      I am so glad you have survived such a terrible turn and I pray you discovered true happiness!!

  16. says

    This is very poignant. I know the pain of an unwanted divorce and how important it is to have support. This person really needs someone to hold their hand and pray for them, so it’s wonderful of you to do just that.

    • says

      Oh that is just so cool to read your comment Tracy! It means the world to me that this experience can somehow- someday help another friend walk beside a heartbroken soul.

      Thank you so much for stopping by Tracy. I am so grateful!

  17. says

    dropping in via SITSGirls Sharefest. Beautiful poem! It is devastating. It does pass. I have learned not to let it define me or my opinion on marriage. best of everything to you.

    • says

      Oh Crystal, I am so sorry you had to endure such a horrible turn. I am so glad you can share that hope! And live it too…

      Thank you SO much for coming by. It means so much to me. 🙂

  18. says

    This is beautiful. Going through my divorce was the most terrible, tragic thing I have ever had to endure. It felt like I was ripped in two and would never be whole again. But I am. And God has truly blessed me abundantly and given me back all that I had and more since my divorce.

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