Devotional Diary: Praying With My Children

Today my Devotional is going on the road!  I am visiting my dear friend, Linda B. Tang over at Shaping Your Identity In Motherhood.  She is an amazing soul that writes to encourage moms through faith, as she shares pieces of Truth and Inspiration through her own unique and beautiful words.

Would you pretty please stop by and share your thoughts?  There is nothing more fulfilling than to see your response and read your insights and ideas! 

Do you pray with your kids?  I have been praying with my children on the way to school for years now, and it has truly been the greatest gift I could ever give to my children… and myself.

Come see why!!


And by the way… It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!  So, guess how old I am?  I will only tell if someone guesses it correctly!  😉  (BE NICE)

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    Oh and Happy Birthday too!! I hit send too soon!! I haven’t a clue on ages…it’s only a number right?! That’s what I keep telling myself as I turn 39 year after year after year….hahaha!

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      Oh Tamara! I say that every day… 🙂 We could always use some prayer!! I do hope you can find a way to unify your two faiths and come together in prayer, as it truly makes a difference in a family and your lives! Praying for you and for God to guide you in that worthy pursuit!! XO
      Linda has some great insight into what you shared over there… hope you call on her for any support you might need.

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      Oh Jen, your comment means the WORLD to me!! I just love that you find value in my words and my message- oh, how I am so honored that you do!!! XOXO

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    I just got a chancd to read all of this. Absolutely true. I pray with both of my children before school, too. Especially for their protection. This world is too dangerous not to do this! And what a blessing to talk with our Lord each morning and also to teach our kids how vital it is to come to Him. I also have Psalm 91 written on paper and placed under their mattresses as protection and peace wwhile they sleep. If you haven’t read Stormie Omartins Power of the Praying Parent, I urge you to pick it up. So importamt to cover so many areas of our children’s lives in prayer. Another beautiful post, and I hope you’ve had a great birthday! Sorry for tge typos….I’m on my phone!

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      I LOVE Stormie’s Power of the Praying Parent!! And wife… they are a valuable resource for us all in the power of prayer!! I am going to go find Psalm 91 now!!!

      It means the WORLD to me that you share your ideas and your beautiful heart here, Susannah!! Brains, beauty AND FAITH!!! Lets add humor to that list too!! Ah yes- you ROCK the humor girl! I adore all these qualities in you. You are the “package”. 🙂

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      Thanks honey!! The greatest part of my birthday was getting your beautiful encouraging and oh so inspiring message to me. I am so HONORED to be your bestie, and there is no greater friendship than ours. I am just so grateful for you, and for us. XOXO

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    Hey Chris! Headed over now! HAPPY “belated” BIRTHDAY my friend!!! Hope it was as FABULOUS as you are girl!! xoxoxo When I say this, do know that you by NO means look this age at all! I guess 45 or 46, because I remember you referring to it in a post one day and me saying to myself…”gosh Chris is my age! Wow, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that one!” LOL! Am I correct!? If I’m correct…you LOOK FABULOUS!! 😀

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      YOU ARE TOTALLY CORRECT!!! YAY!!! You WIN!!! And both are right on! Why???
      Because I couldn’t for the life of me remember which it was!! I kept checking with Derek asking “Am I 45 or 46??” HA!

      I love that we share in this age together my friend!!! It’s a very good age… isn’t it? 🙂

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