Devotional Diary: A New Day, A New Perspective Psalm 118:24


I have been feeling depleted and defeated this week.  Perhaps it’s all coming from recently hosting family for four days worth of celebrations and gatherings.  Perhaps it was hearing girls giggling until 2:00am through last night’s sleepover that sealed the deal.  It could be that school starts in the blink of an eye and I have just started to organize last year’s papers, as the piles of new school supplies are covering my dining room floor.  I realize keeping my very active 7-year old ‘down’ for days to heal his twisted ankle may be the cause as well… Ah, the incessant needs from my children keep me from completing one coherent thought.  Yes, that might be the one.  Perhaps?

And there’s more.  There’s always more.  Yes?

Sometimes I can handle all the obstacles and draining days beautifully.  And there are times when I am downright pissy.  Tired.  Irritated.  Overwhelmed.  And act like a fool.

I snap faster.  I crack easier.  I sigh louder.

And that my friends, is where I am. 

You been there?

So, as I barricade myself in my bedroom to write this post… listening to my daughter create a ‘new hair-do’ at my sink and I try to tune out the blaring tv from downstairs…

I settle in to my comfy chair, hot coffee in hand with criss-cross applesauce legs and start to write my heart out.


Words always release.        Ahh….


These blurry days have compiled a burden high on my empty functioning gritty presence, and I painfully try to twist my thoughts around a more positive turn.  I know what I am to do.  Truly.  I am called to change my perspective.  Daily.

(Excuse me while I now help my daughter do her hair, as she is at the level of begging… See?  ONE coherent thought… Side ponytail, turned into a bun, wrapped in her new shirt she just cut up, “Higher mommy!”  Moussed, sprayed, pinned.  Done. )




Oh, how I know I am to focus on all that is ‘worthy of praise’ as Philippians 4:8 speaks to my heart every stinkin’ minute that I grumble.  I force myself to think of ‘such things’… and that does help.

But our human nature is a force to be reckoned with, yes?

Sometimes it’s much harder than easier to allow God to permeate my mind full of blessings I indeed treasure.  Sometimes, I just don’t want Him to.

So here I am in transformation mode, pleading to my self to change.   Find the light.  Breathe in freshly painted images that confirm His Presence and affirm my faith.  I have been here many times before…

I know how this goes.

  Psalm 118:24 NIV

New International Version

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

“This the day the Lord has made.  Let me rejoice and be glad in it.”

I sit here on my beautiful comfy chair in my amazing home; able to type and breathe and literally get up and do anything I please.  My children are healthy adorable creatures that are loved and live with a passion I won’t hold back.  My loving and committed husband just fixed a wonderful lunch for everyone and cleaned up the kitchen as well.  I have loads and loads of laundry to start, full of generous helpings of any and all we could ever need to clothe ourselves for the days, weeks and months ahead.  I am drinking my delicious coffee that is a treat I can afford on top of never having to go hungry ever in my life.  I am constantly grateful for the means we have to purchase school supplies, pay school fees and live in a neighborhood that provides an incredible education for my children.  I will enjoy my friends and family at a cook out in a few hours that will be both fun and fulfilling. Oh, how grateful I am for friends.  I will come home to prepare my Sunday school teaching for tomorrow, and this reminds me how honored I am to belong to a church family that is both genuine and generous.  

In just a few short days, I will be missing my children.  The annoyances and constant demands  will vanish, and this season will be done.  The papers will be put away and the supplies organized and all the new school year chaos will melt into a rhythm that is fruitful and productive.  This blurry, messy maddening stream of endless days will be gone.  All gone.


May I cherish my children’s every tiny whim on this day.

May I realize the provisions I have been given.

May I continue to count the blessings that surround me and surpass me.

May I proclaim His Presence stitching every thread sewn on the fabric of my life.

May I try harder, to embrace each moment given to me… that is worthy of celebration.

May I rejoice in this day.








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    Good stuff, as usual. Just visited a funeral home today. A wife is saying good-bye to her husband of 59 years. How do you do that? Learn to live without someone you shared your life with for so long? They were 16 when they got married. I talked with the daughters, the grandkids. Some day none of this will matter. And you’ll be missing the voices of your children on a more permanent basis. Life changes. Kids grow up. Loved ones pass away. But He is constant and faithful. And you write beautifully from your place of feeling depleted, defeated and grateful. Blessings to you, my friend!

    • says

      OH Laurie… 59 years? I immediately responded to your story about her husband with total sadness, but then I realized it was more a celebration of 59 years of something that most people could never experience. Although it must be devastating (cannot even imagine after that long…)it is a wonder to think of something so beautiful.

      I always love your words of wisdom, from farther up the road than I. It truly gives me such a wonderful perspective. I am so grateful for that Laurie!!

  2. says

    I do believe that by personalizing Ps. 118:24, a switch goes on. We begin to recognize how God has personally been blessing, caring for, nurturing, protecting, providing for… us as individuals. The perspective switch reminds me of Christopher Meloni’s gesture to his eyes and then to Julia Roberts’ eyes when he wanted to get her attention in the movie The Runaway Bride. God’s calling us to pay Him some attention and to take our eyes off of all that would sully or weaken our relationship with Him. So glad that He gave you that perspective change, Chris!

    • says

      Oh I love that Allison!!! You are so wise, my friend!!! It’s amazing how fast we can spiral down if we lose sight of His Love and His Light. Personalizing scripture truly makes it come alive in our own hearts. I worry that many don’t connect His Word with the LIVING God. My prayer is these simple devotionals will change that…

  3. says

    A sensational post – such a change in attitude and THAT’S what it’s all about. But you illustrate it so, so well.

    You’re incredible and a wonderful inspiration.

    And no line in the sand today, because this attitude, this LIVING of it – this one should continue and proliferate, and reach out to others and inspire them too.

    (also because I’m in no position to offer lines in the sand, having absolutely no leg to stand on and possibly needing a line under my entire blog at the moment! But I’m having fun with it and feeling defiant about it (I know…) and ACK!)

    • says

      HA!!! You are CRACKING me up Lizzi!!! Perhaps it’s time to draw YOU a line!!! XOXO

      I love your encouragement more than you will ever know. I especially honor it because I know you are a genuine soul, so I trust you are sharing from your true heart. Gosh that just rocks my world!!!!! (Fist punching the air!)

      • says

        Perhaps! I hope I’m alright without a line…for now. Feel free to step in and draw me one if you feel the need at any point!!

        Glad to help in some way 🙂 I do try to be genuine. Except when I don’t…usually only for laughs though 🙂

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    Thank you Chris. This is very familiar territory. I am sitting here looking at a bunch of piles of crap everywhere, feeling terribly overwhelmed. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Overall, we are healthy and blessed.

    • says

      I figured you were in a very similar place Alexa!!! It’s SO easy to spiral down into that place, isn’t it? Overwhelmed and frazzled and pissed off really- can be a sliding ride for any of us.

      It’s hard to force Light and Truth into our hearts when we don’t feel like. But He ALWAYS gets through when we let Him!!!


  5. says

    Oh, MAN! I needed this so much. Just reading your first few paragraphs–we are living parallel lives. I have just been getting more and more overwhelmed as the summer has gone on. Now my kitchen counters are filled with bags of school supplies, I’ve got forms to fill out and last minute haircut to arrange, and it’s just A LOT going on right now. (and after the entire summer, my reserve of calm is at an all time low)

    But, I need to rejoice in this day. You are so right. Before long it will be gone. I needed these words so much today. –Lisa

    • says

      Oh CRAP!!! Just reading this again made me realize I have a bunch of medical forms on the BOTTOM of my NEW school pile that I totally forgot to complete!!! They were like sent to me at the end of last year… and uh, they crossed from last years pile to this years pile, thinking I would “get to it”.

      So uh yeah… things haven’t changed much over here!!! HA! No really, the difference is I am sitting in my nice quiet EMPTY house… basking in the silence. Your day is COMING!!!!!! XOXO

  6. says

    I had a bit of a crash, or a “down”time recently. It was after my son’s birthday, was followed by my daughter’s birthday was followed by my birthday! I needed to hide away and of course, that’s nearly impossible. In fact, I did a Cinderella bun for my daughter just minutes ago when I was trying to read your post for the first time.

    I am going to rejoice in this day. It is beautiful where I am right now. Absolutely. I’m going to visit a local sunflower maze or just play with the kids for hours. Before my son’s morning nap (he still takes two, luckily) I was really playing with him. No smartphone. No interruptions because the rest of the family was outside. I felt so energized with him. Now that he’s sleeping, I’m relaxing, sure, but I’m ready for be re-energized.

    As always, your words? The best.

    • says

      WOW!! You are amazing Tamara… all those birthdays?! I love that you truly let everything else go to spend QUALITY time with your boy! It’s amazing how “in the moment” motherhood really pays off, isn’t it?

      Soak it all in sweetie!! I wish I could go to the sunflower maze with you!!


  7. Tammy says

    Meeee tooooo!!! May all your “May I’s” be mine as well – though we both know that all too often I don’t do it “well”. Sigh

    • says

      That’s right!! You DID read this!!! LOL I love that- we can all share in the “May I”s and encourage each other just the same.

      Yesterday was something to rejoice about!!! Oh, how I adore you! XO

  8. says

    I can so relate to this post today – not so much to do with my kids – but with my mother, who as you know I’ve lived with for the past 8 days and 7 more to go – who is driving me a little crazy – even with found internet connection and my Bota Box of Merlot. Instead, perhaps, I should try a little gratitude that she offered us a place to stay for 2 weeks, and also maybe I out some ways to help her in the days to come instead of focusing on my own discomfort with being here. Thanks my friend. xo

    • says

      I seriously cannot imagine being in ANYONE’S house for that long of a time, as I would just feel completely out of sorts and uncomfortable!!! (Let along with your own MOM- which I AM SURE would be challenging at best!)

      You can DO THIS!!! Tick tock… counting the days until sweet freedom and new beginnings!!!

  9. says

    This is so good. How many times do I get annoyed with little things that I KNOW are really blessings in my life?! When have a grateful spirit, everything around me seems better. I need to check in with myself more often and rejoice in my blessings more often.

    • says

      Ah, don’t we all Leah!! It’s a constant challenge for me to focus on all that is “worthy of praise”- but boy, there truly is SO much to be grateful for in our lives.
      It’s amazing how our perspectives can change, and immediately more light comes through when we do this. 🙂

  10. says

    I HEAR you my friend! I feel so ready for the school year to begin but then I think of the quietness of when she will be going away to college. I was reminded of this over the weekend when my cousin is preparing to send one of her youngest twins off to school. I remember not too long ago the discussion was – “I can’t wait until they graduate” now there is a sadness, a sense of loss. It all tied in beautifully with your devotion’s message. Thank you!

    • says

      Oh what a neat parallel Marcia! Big picture always shrinks our little woes of the little picture, eh?

      Caitlin- college? I just cannot go THERE yet!! lol

  11. says

    I think most of us humans can relate to this post, especially moms. My camping trip helped to slow things down and give us a good pause before we transition to the new school year and all that comes with fall. Stopping to be grateful for the abundance we have can be sobering. This is the perfect post for me to read before diving into the vast amounts of emails I have to read!

    • says

      Oh I can only IMAGINE the amount of work that was waiting for you when you returned Jen!! That can be so daunting!! But it seems you have a gift for managing it all beautifully!
      I am SO glad you got to spend those unplugged days with your family and truly replenish and refuel in a new and wonderful way…

      GOOD for you!!! (Like seriously- so amazing.)

  12. says

    Wonderfully put my friend! After all the chaos, after all the frustration and after we get over ourselves…He’s always right there in His place, just as He promised He’d be. I chuckle at the thought of Him crossing His arms and tapping His foot, as if to say…”told you so, if you would just STAY in My rest, I’ll take care of it all”. In other words…”I got this”. When will WE get it Chris, lol!:-) Thanks so much for that great perspective my friend! xoxoxo

    • says

      I know… I KNOW!! I always picture Him closing His Eyes and shaking His Head like “oh for crying out loud, dear child lets try this again, shall WE??… My oh my oh my…you’re a tough one honey!”


  13. says

    I love how you allowed yourself to feel the defeat, the exhaustion and the irritation, but you didn’t end the post on that note. You not only recognized what you need to do…you did it. You changed your perspective by allowing the scripture to serve as a reminder.

    I’m in that place of feeling overwhelmed…getting everything ready for the kids to go back to school, planning a new marketing event for the office, trying to sort and get rid of excess in the home and training new office staff. Thank you for being the example of rejoicing in the day that the Lord has made…despite of the frustration.

    • says

      Oh my, Hope!! How DO you do it all? Seriously, you amaze me. I can’t imagine juggling all of that!

      If I cling to scripture, it’s amazing the fruit it bears within me. When I stray or get distracted…

      My human condition takes over.

      Amen? 😉

  14. says

    This is beautiful, Chris. Exactly how I feel now. I’m surrounded by so many things to be thankful for. I let my emotions (PMS) and annoyances get in the way of the big picture. Happy, healthy kids, a husband who provides a way for me homeschool and buy books, supplies, and anything I need for our journey, a roof over our head, a car to drive…There are so many without, and yet I’m complaining on most days. It’s gonna change, my friend! XO

    • says

      Oh Adrienne, you know I can relate to what you are going through my friend!! We need to breath in gratitude and face each little “snap” and “sigh” with a transformational “thank you”. We can DO THIS!!!! You are beautiful, in your honesty. And you were called to care for two amazing children and a husband that needs your unconditional devotion. As am I. Lets remind ourselves of that, shall we?

  15. says

    I am going to try this one more time and then I am just going to email you this. I am struggling so much with the rejoicing in the day that the Lord created. There is all this muck (for lack of a better word) that I feel like I am moving through. Like quicksand. I am short and snappy. Thank you for the reminder to start small with the thanks. That even the smallest will help me change my perspective.

    • says

      IT WORKED!!!! YAY!!!!! Oh honey… I can only imagine the “muck”. Keep your eyes on the MOST High… keep breathing and persevering. Your “much” will slowly soften, and your decisions will lighten. You are still glowing in the muck, with your strength to get it right. One step at a time. One choice at a time. One sigh and prayer at a time…

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