Devotional Diary: Your Pain Is A Beautiful Reminder

I was lying in bed the other night in pain.  My ear was burning and twitching, my breasts burst with that familiar sharp surge and my joint in my foot was once again caught against the bone as I literally felt the fragments pierce my tendons.  I felt the various pains rise and fall over and over again, while my mind followed them and tightly wound around each one.  Here I was again… receiving the echoes of past surgeries that still linger and remember.  Once again, sleep is pushed back against the shots of fire that rise throughout my body.

As I retraced the pain, I found myself wandering through the memories of each circumstance and somehow found myself unwinding those tight grips of thought and slowly threading a new resolve within.

“These are my reminders.”  I said to myself.

And with that thought poured forth the realization of the deep gratitude I hold for each and every one of them.

Although my nerve is affected by taking out a tumor, how blessed I am that is was benign!

Although new breasts still refuse to accept their place, I thank God I do not have breast cancer!

Although my feet are worn and need reconstruction desperately, I am able to still use them efficiently and miraculously so!

These are my reminders.  And each time I experience a familiar pain, I offer up praise and celebration instead of discouragement and disdain.  Am I not blessed with the outcome?  All of which were Divine interventions of protection from my God.  How on earth do I begrudge that?

Never again.

I don’t want these reminders to ever fade away… I want to embrace the sorely significant truth that I in fact, am still here remembering.

I never want to forget.

Then I wouldn’t be reminded over and over again to take a closer look at those memories and settle the pain in purpose.  To live with each sting and jab and ache, reminds me that I am alive and there is a reason for it.

Yes.  I thank God for reminding me always, how blessed I truly am.

Are there places of pain that linger in you?  Oh friends, if you are still here on this earth feeling them…

Then you need to celebrate your reminders too.

Your Pain Is A Beautiful Reminder

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    This is the perfect attitude to our “light affliction,” Chris. As we remember what we were spared, we accept, and even embrace, that which temporarily brings us pain. We are yet alive! God saw fit to bring us through the struggle, and though a scar may remain, that is all it is… a scar. The greater danger is past. Hallelujah!

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      Hallelujah INDEED Alison!! Thank you love, for always adding such a beautiful light to my words. You are such a beacon of His Light, my friend. XOXO

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    You totally gave new meaning to all my aches and pains. Not sure how you do it, but you always make me see the good in even the worst. Thanks Chris and hope you are enjoying your weekend now! 🙂

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      Oh Janine! And YOU bless me with your precious words, and encouragement! It is a really important thing to do, really. I am learning that fine ‘art’ of truly embracing those blessings within our painful reminders. I love that you are joining me in that! If we just look a bit deeper, we can see it. 🙂

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    Your perspective always inspires me, Chris. I know so many who would sit back and ask why they are still in pain and suffering. Me included? I don’t know. I hope not. But, yes, I do think God gives us reminders of our blessings, whether we see them or not. I’m starting to see more of these as I grow older. I hope the pain has subsided today. xo

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      I love that Jen- “God Gives us reminders of our blessings, whether we see them or not.” YES! We just need to be intentional and CHOOSE to see them! You got it girl! XOXO

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      YOU especially need to read this… because I know it would be the most challenging thing to truly accept with where you are at right now, love. I couldn’t think of ANYONE who needs this more. Oh, sweet sister- God saved YOU for a reason. There will be triumph in THIS. I know that. Oh, how I believe with all my heart that God has big plans for you.

      Just hang on, okay?

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    First of all, I want to commend you on your attitude. So many time we forget the positive things that are happening in our life. Second, I have a friend who is struggling now, and I just emailed this url to her so she can share in your motivation. And third, thanks for sharing with all of us.

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      Oh thank you SO much for your sweet words Tina! It really is easy to let our burdens, our aches and pains take us down- and dismiss all the things that are absolutely beautiful and purposeful in our lives. I pray it helped your friend who is struggling!! Sometimes it is SO hard to pull ourselves out of it and see where there is light in our lives. I do hope she can do that. There is always light. We just have to go looking for it sometimes!

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      AMEN TO THAT!!! Ohmygosh how I LOVE that Michelle!!! Your dad has the perfect perspective! We could all learn a little something from that guy! 🙂

      Just beautiful. Love it!

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    ***Then I wouldn’t be reminded over and over again to take a closer look at those memories and settle the pain in purpose. To live with each sting and jab and ache, reminds me that I am alive and there is a reason for it.***

    This must be highlighted in yellow marker.

    —-Our pain becomes our purpose.

    If not, it’s all for nothing.

    If not, Kay’s murder becomes pure darkness.

    If not, I’m already gone.

    LOVE from Minnesota.

    You. Are. A. Blessing. xx

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      I immediately broke down in tears when I read this… you. YOU. Have captured my heart. This. Yes. You are here for a reason. And as you honor your stings, jabs and aches, I am honoring you. Your purpose. Your pain.

      You my friend, have taken up residence in my heart. I do hope you can feel my love!! And I offer up prayers for you daily. Please know that.

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    I think when we’re lucky, the pain is a reminder that we survived or recovered from something. It’s a reminder that we are still here. I think of emotional pain in the same light. I have that kind of pain because I have a heart. If I didn’t have a bug heart I wouldn’t have that kind of pain at times. The pain reminds us that we’re real and that we can and have endured.

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      Amen to THAT sweet love o’ mine!!! YES!!! Oh yes times a MILLION!!!! There is this layering effect of pain- it is threaded through strength and triumph which eventually molds into a deep undying integrity that propels us forward with a new pride. If we let it. We can use it all ALL for good!!!

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    HOW do you do it? Seriously. You have such a gift for finding grace and gratitude in situations where turds like me find reason for complaint. I’ve not been sleeping well during this third trimester because of restless leg syndrome, and I have been a raving lunatic lashing out at my husband, short with my kids, and even yelling at the dogs for BARKING!!!! This post really puts things into perspective for me and I needed this perspective right upside the head. THANK YOU, you beautiful human being you. xo

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      Oh you are SUCH A DEAR!!!! Now- first off, you are PREGNANT and HORMONAL and totally consumed with all the crap that goes with growing a child in YOU. Don’t you DARE feel ashamed for being a bit of a yelling lunatic! Now- with that said: You have a beautiful life growing in you- a miracle. Embrace it. And walk in GRACE as your family loves you and your hubs and even your DOGS will always adore you- because even though you have your ‘moments’ (Don’t we all?) in the end? You are enormously loved by them- and you – your place in this family is treasured by them, and truly cherished by them as well.

      Tis the season of bitching, girl. I get that. Funny thing? I wrote a letter to my son about such stuff- I am giving you the link so you can laugh a little to lighten your load!!!

      I love YOU!!!! (Hang in there sweetie!!)

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      Well you are just so so kind to say that Marcia!! I am flawed all around- but always trying to reach higher and deeper. That’s where the good stuff is! 🙂

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    You always have such perspective, Chris. I have scars that are reminders – they were once gaping wounds and now they are not. They have changed me, but they have healed. And I”m still here – and so are you. xoxo

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    I have no physical scars, only emotional ones, and goodness knows they’re sore enough. But yes, they heal with time and change and shape us and give us a reason for continuing, and for striving to change things.

    You are beautiful.

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      I was thinking about you while I carpooling and driving Cass to swim practice, because I was listening to Max Lucado’s “Come Thirsty” in the care and he was talking about all the pain we endure in this life. I wish you were in the car with me. God truly reigns over EVERYTHING that happens to us- although there is so much pain… He WILL and forever always, love us through it- and eventually triumph over Satan’s grip on this world.

      I love Max Lucado- ALMOST as much as Lysa Teurkurst!! Oh gosh- how I love their words!! Do you read either of them? Max is knocking my SOCKS off with this book right now. I am also reading “Just Like Jesus” with small group. Another killer book. I have too many of his books to count. LOVE. HIM.

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        Nope – never heard of either of them. But here’s a thing – I really *really* struggle with reading spiritual books. I know I’m not ‘meant’ to, and goodness knows I’ve had enough example of it – I don’t think that growing up, my mum ever read a non-Christianity-related book (except Narnia and Lord of the Rings) and yet…I pick one up and it all turns to white noise.

        The only ones I ever got anywhere with were the Frank Peretti ones – This Present Darkness and them. They’re EXCELLENT.

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          Maybe it’s time you might try again- with some new books that may indeed speak to your heart? I never read the deep spiritually based ‘way above my head’ books… (LOL) I just simply like the Beth Moore, Lysa and Max books that speak softly and and gently and are so encouraging and nourishing to read. If you are up for it, let me know and I can suggest a few!! If not, I get it. 🙂

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            On. The. Spot.


            Ping me some names and I’ll look ’em up on Amazon and see if I can get a read of the first half chapter. Can’t promise more than that 🙂

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              You GOT IT!!! I am going to think and pray through what I should share with you… I know I am treading some fragile waters here, so lets hold hands and go forward cautiously. I pray God opens your heart and you find nourishment in taking this brave step honey!! Oh, how I love your willingness to try!!! (I would guess God does too!!)

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    Ack, so beautiful!
    This is a gift. And these afflictions are reminders of all that is right.
    Miss you! Even though..I’ve only been gone for two days and I’m still reading blogs.

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      You CRACK me UP reading this while you are on VACATION!!! oh how I ADORE your loyalty, sweet friend!!!! Do you know how beautiful you are? I am SO SO grateful Ilene introduced me to YOU. Gosh, to think what I would be missing had I not connected with you. Oh, so so much beauty. I simply adore you! Now- back to DISNEY!!! 😉

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    I don’t think I ever leave your site without feeling blessed for coming over!! I’m in awe of your attitude and ability to turn a potentially negative thing around into a way to be thankful – I need to work on that. I tend to get very negative when things are’t really going my way and I need to remember the message that you gave us today!!

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      OH Kim! You BLESS me SO much with your precious words!!! It IS hard to stay true to that focus on gratitude in the midst of our aches and pains of life. Keeping that perspective is what compels me to make purpose out of those things that don’t always go our way. I believe there is reason for EVERYTHING- and we can find it, and believe that we are watched over and loved from our God. There is a deep sense of honor in believing that- and obligation to remind myself that often. You can too- I have to have that intention every day. It definitely takes effort- but WELL worth it!! 🙂 I adore you. XOXO

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      *Tears* You don’t KNOW how much that means to me, precious friend! I am so so BLESSED BY YOU!!!! (Gosh, I am just so glad we have connected! You are such a gift!!!)

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    None of my scars give me pain anymore, but they are good reminders of the blessings God has given me! I usually don’t think of them that way. Thanks for the new perspective!

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      I am SO glad your scars don’t give you pain anymore, my friend! THAT is a blessing in itself! But yes, you YOU have a beautiful reminder that you are HERE for a reason… XOXO

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      Oh thanks so much Ashley!! It IS true… so many blessings we sometimes forget while we nurse our wounds. Whether that be emotional or physical- they can propel us forward to grow and be blessed inadvertently by them all.

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    This is such a blessing. Our pain and scars ARE reminders of God’s divine intervention and protection. While I dohn’t have much physical pain and scars, I do have emotional ones…and I’m reminded that God’s Grace was sufficient for me…and that’s why I’m still here. Instead of trying to forget them, I’ll let them serve as reminders.

    What an awesome perspective. Thank you

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      Ah, yes. The emotional ones. I have those too- Hope. And I believe every bit of those emotional scars lead to triumph in Him. Amen? He can use it all… He does. And with those reminders, we grow and bear fruit with His Name written all over it! 🙂

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    I so very much adore you. Yes. I’m thankful for my pain. Right now, my biggest one is my hand. It is STILL swollen after having a cast removed a couple of weeks ago now, and so sore. I can’t do as much as I used to be able to with it, but the pain is a reminder that I didn’t need surgery, that 6 weeks in a cast healed my bones, and that my muscles are getting stronger all of the time. I can type again. I can put my son’s shoes on. I can wash my hair. Soon, I’ll even be able to stop stepping into a previously clasped bra.
    You’re beautiful and I just love your mind so much.

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      Oh you POOR THING!! You have really had a tough ‘season’ with that hand of yours!! Bless your heart! Well, yes- I am so glad you can use it and that it is getting stronger every day! I will be praying for the healing to continue and for you to CLASP your bra!!!

      I adore you just as much, my friend. Oh, yes I do!! XOXOXO

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      AW!!!!!!!! EMILY!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

      God BLESS you for taking the time to comment, precious friend! You just made my day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    You have such a gift! I will never again think of my “pains” in the same way!! I am sorry I am so far behind on my blog reading…you are probably going to be hearing from me a bunch right now, because I am reading through your posts that I missed!

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      Oh my friend- you are way TOO kind with your beautiful encouragement! I am so grateful for you… and I am so deeply honored and touched by your words.

      Bless your heart for coming by… I pray you are holding up okay? Haven’t stopped thinking about you and praying for you!!!

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    Such a better way to look at things. You spread joy and wisdom with everyone that knows you. I can’t wait to show this to Nico so that he can look at the pain as reminders of how strong he is. I’m going to keep telling myself the same thing. (So happy there is no cancer anywhere in you!”

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      AW! How I just love love love your encouragement Ann Marie!! YES- show it to Nico!! He must remember his strength each time he needs to do a treatment!! Look at that young man and all he is doing!!! I call him a walking miracle….

      We all need to keep telling us this truth. It always changes our perspective, doesn’t it? LOVE you. XO

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    Oh I love this perspective! I’ve been trying to remind myself of it this month of sickness and snow and work and so much to complain about. But I am here and we are blessed and that right there is what matters. Your ability to find so much beautiful perspective in pain is inspiring to me, always.

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      I have been there too many times to count… being stuck in sickness and in snow can be relentlessly burdensome!! I am glad to give you the nudge you needed to refocus on the gratitude Tricia!!

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    I just attended a class last night entitled The Purpose of Suffering. Your post reminds me of the things the speaker said. Without the pain and suffering my life would be totally different. In my mind I think things would be better, but in my innermost being, I know with a fierce knowledge that if not for the physical pain and the heart-wrenching suffering I wouldn’t be where I am today, with the blessings that surround me. Thanks for the reminder of a beautiful way to look at the not so beautiful circumstances that make up who we are.

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      This? Your comment? Oh how it affects me so deeply Laurie!!! Your strength and perseverance amazes me, my friend. God will fulfill His Purpose in you through this season of suffering… oh how I believe that with all my heart!!

      Still praying for you…

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