Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I know you have been around for a long, long time. I know you mean well Santa; I know you are that kind.  The children they adore you, they dream of you each night.  They look at you in wonder, and Rudolph’s nose it is so bright!  I get that you are ‘jolly’ in everything you do.  You live in a land of wonder, making every wish come true. But how can I appreciate all that you stand for, when materialistic bribery is all that you implore!   I can’t just let it happen, it’s gone on long enough.  We’re battered and we’re bruised.  Oh Christmas is so rough.  Your scheme it makes us work so hard through all the childhood years.  It’s time we stood up to you through bitter angry tears!!!  I speak for all struggling parents everywhere, when I say…

 We are done with you.  Now please, Go. Away.

 I know you are a merry old man and you share that Christmas cheer…with your “HO HO HO’s” and your cute red nose, you dazzle kids each year!  But while you sit, we stir a bit, for we know just what we’ll do.  Run to every store, search relentlessly for… that toy, that game from YOU!  You fly the skies with your sleigh up high and that merry special glow.  Our kids they squeal ‘cause they think you’re real.

And yet, you never show…

 It is WE who deliver the goods every Christmas Morn!  But you get ALL the credit, and to that bitterness is born.

 Did you ever stop to wonder, what you do to kids that crave?  Have you ever thought of children, who have nothing Christmas day?  Oh why dear Saint Nick, do you do this?  Spread good tidings to those who pay.  What about the toys that are out of stock, I say?  You think you can just hop on your “Merry” sleigh and count all your reindeer, and fly away? 

 Oh dear Kris Kringle, you fancy all their hearts.  Your goodness and your glory, render greed from the start!   We cannot escape from you for you are EVERYWHERE!  Your cheer, your glee’s a mystery!  The kids they all just stare.   You are relentless in deception, inviting little ones to sit.  You stir the wonder in our babes, and never pay for it!  It’s us that hold the magic…with our paychecks that we save.  You’d think by now, you’d lose this power and dig your jolly grave!

 Where’s the workshop?  And all those Elves?  Don’t get me started on that forever-elusive store.  You fill every fantasy, and every kid yells, “MORE!”  Oh quit this scam!  We know you should.  All parents have grown weary, of producing all we could.  The deception is uncanny.  Us parents go insane!  But YOU dear Santa started this…and you are whom we blame!

 I know you mean well, Santa.  I’m sorry to be so rude.   But after years of doing your work, it’s time we fired you.  Maybe you could create a story…

 Where Santa and his Elves

POOF like magic into dust…

We hear those Christmas Bells

And we begin to build the trust…


Back into our poor deceived spoiled materialistic children.


And FINALLY take back all that is ours, not YOURS.


Please, oh please…

For the love of all that used to be Sacred and Holy on Christmas…

 Ride your merry sleigh away.

 For. Good.


(P.S.  I want an all expense paid trip to Hawaii under my tree this year.)

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      There’s a part of me that cannot WAIT until the kids know it was all US… everything. All our hard work and money and time and love put into making their Christmas Fantasies come true. It was very cathartic writing this piece! (However it did take hours to rhyme it all… not sure it was worth all the effort- as anything related to SANTA is exhausting I suppose! LOL)

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    It’s so funny that you wrote this and I am reading it right now. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs tonight that I am tired of busting my behind trying to do all of these nice things for them and they have been so nasty. I resent the fact that they get what they want while acting like ungrateful little brats (I know that is harsh but it’s true) all in the name of the magic of Santa. I am struggling this year with it.

    And you my friend are a talented poet!

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      AMEN sister!!! The scam is truly outrageous when you think about it, isn’t it? Ugh…one more year of lying and feeding into the greedy beast! And do you know how freaking long it took me to write this thing?? HOURS!!! I am seriously going to MAKE anyone and everyone I know read it somehow because all that time invested in it MUST pay off somehow! LOL

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    I was trying not to get into the whole Santa thing with my son who’s only 2. But then last week his preschool teacher explained the whole thing and ever since he’s been walking around the house saying “If you’re not nice you don’t get presents.” Great. That’s exactly why I want you to be nice – so I can buy you stuff – not just to be a good person.

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      Exactly!! Well dear mom…welcome to the world of greed and the biggest and best scam that ever existed. You will be in it for many years to come!!! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and sharing!!!

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    Brilliant! I love that I started reading this and it took me a few minutes to figure out that it all rhymes! It was fun to read. And I totally agree. I’m sick of the trouble Santa causes.

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      Well, am I soooo HAPPY you got the rhyming thing!! Ya know it took me HOURS to write the darn thing! I’m sure Santa would appreciate it, huh? Thanks so much for reading the post and sharing your encouraging words my new friend! Have a beautiful Christmas!!! 🙂

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    Amen! My kids are 14-22 now, so we get credit for all they receive. I’m not gonna lie — I want credit!

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend and happy holidays. I hope you get more credit for all the work that goes into making Christmas happen. And I hope you get your trip to Hawaii.

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      Well I am so glad you are now taking ALL the credit Robin!! You have a beautiful Holiday my dear. I am so grateful you stop by to share in my posts. Hawaii is a dream…but a girl can dream can’t she?? LOL Perhaps someday… I doubt “Santa” is gonna give it to me!

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        Well I am just SO glad you have a great idea for a blog post!!! Now, I’m all curious though!!! You will have to come share the link when you write it so I can read it!! Thanks so much for stopping by today. SO grateful! Have a beautiful Holiday!! 🙂

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      YAY!!!! It’s SOOOOO GOOD TO see you here!!! You JUST made my day… 🙂 And yes- I know, right? SO not fair about the Santa gig. A part of me cannot WAIT to have the kids find out all about this scam, then we can FINALLY take all the credit! 😉

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    {Kathy} As a little girl, my mom worked two jobs one Christmas to provide us with “stuff”. She was so tired that she didn’t wrap all the presents. So, on Christmas morning I was happy, but started crying at the end of it….I said, “You work so hard. You do so much for us every day of the year. Why didn’t you get us anything for Christmas? It’s all from Santa.” She just took it on the chin. I don’t think I would have.

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    I am laughing so hard right now! You’re actually a great poet. A friend of mine said that once her 12 yo found out that Santa wasn’t real, she felt less stressed because now she was able to buy what she could actually afford verses what her child thought Santa could bring. Love it!

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      Thanks so much Hope!! Oh I cannot WAIT for that day!! When they are older, you can actually talk common sense to them and be able to truthfully live in a world without such a FANTASY! LOL It’s so cute to see my kids all about Santa (and the Elf), but the older they get, the harder it is to keep the lies coming. The guilt is really starting to get to me. Not to mention the pressure to come through! Have a BEAUTIFUL Holiday my friend!!

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    Sometimes I hate the fact that Santa gets credit for things I worked hard to find, but that magic, the way their faces light up…

    I always make sure there are plenty of things they want from Mom and Dad, too. In fact, this year some of the things they wanted most are from us — not ready for that magic of Santa to go away yet, though.

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      I know what you mean… their excitement and joy is so precious, that I hate for the innocence to end. It’s really worth all the hard work and energy to make their eyes light up and their wonder illuminate through the season. 🙂 Enjoy the magic of it all!! So glad you get the credit this year for some good stuff!! (that’s always a win win!)

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    Hahaha Chris…this is good and too funny! I was going to put up a post on FB the other day about how we let a man in a red suit get ALL the credit for what we give our kids…I mean really? It’s the craziest thing ever. Many kids don’t appreciate their parents as it is, let alone the fact that they idolize santa claus over them. Thanks so much for sharing Chris! May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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      EXACTLY Michell!!! I seem to grow increasingly bitter as the kids get older and appreciate us less and Santa more… I’m sure some day I will wish these days back though- The magic is adoring… but the deception is deploring! (Yes- it rhymes!! Man I’m good! LOL) Have A BEAUTIFUL Christmas my dear friend!!! God bless you!!

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      Don’t you think Erle would have liked this? I picture him saying, “Clever Chris”. That’s it. Just that. 🙂 Kinda like my Night Before Christmas Poem three years ago…

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    This is perfect! I hate to say it but, it was almost a relief when my oldest found out the truth this year. Being Santa is simply exhausting and at least one of them knows (and appreciates) that mom and dad are the ones putting in the long hours…lol!

    PS. Can I tag along on that Hawaii trip? 😉

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      Oh you can SURELY tag along on the Hawaii trip!!! However, Santa totally failed me (again) and didn’t give it to me. Instead I got a house full of screaming spoiled kids and a good ol’ pot of coffee! Woohoo! SO happy you have one kid that will now see how hard “Santa” works!!! I am hoping next year my oldest will finally figure it out… So grateful you stopped by. 🙂

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    After getting over my initial tears, I really enjoyed my son learning the truth this year about Santa. It was really fun to be a co-conspirator with him with his sister, letting him help play Santa. And I know he has a bigger appreciation for his gifts this year because he knows that I picked out each and every one. Cute post 🙂

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      OH I think it will be bittersweet when my girl figures it out!! Just like you, I think I will cry at her loss of wonder and yet…I’m sure she will join me in being “Santa” to her little brother just like your son did! It’s amazing how fast it all goes, isn’t it? Ah… yes. Nostalgic heart beating faster now… along with the time.

  11. Carol Denney says

    Ah sister – it gets better every time I read it… I like the final touches you added… BEAUTIFULLY done!!! ( :

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      Oh you’re so sweet sis! See how I rhymed it all? Do ya see all the work and time spent on this little diddie? SO not worth it! LOL Sometimes I just go snowballing down and lose myself in a piece like this. All for what? I wonder…oh how I wonder! 😉 (I know you get that…consider this piece much like your hour and a half deleted!)

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    This should become the new holiday standard!

    I’ve tried to downplay the jolly old fat man. This year, i think it worked.

    I never understood, as a kid, why the rich kids got all the good gifts.

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      Well glad it worked for you!!! I got hit this season with not only Santa but the freaking TOOTH FAIRY with BOTH of the kids! Geesh. This childhood wonder and magic thing is exhausting. 😉

  13. Angie V. says

    So funny!!! However I’m happy to give the jolly fat guy all the credit…..seeing the pure innocence of wonder and joy in my kiddos eyes is the best gift ”Santa” could give me. I’ll greatly miss these years when my kids are older.

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      I totally AGREE with you Ang! I was feeling a bit edgy one day and decided I would purge my bit of discontent and make it fun! Someday (soon) our kiddos will know. And someday (soon) we will be missing these precious moments… ugh. Makes me so sad. 🙁

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