Dear Santa…

(Lets re-visit this letter, shall we?)

Dear Santa,

I know you have been around for a long, long time.

I know you mean well Santa; I know you are that kind. 

The children they adore you, they dream of you each night. 

They look at you in wonder, and Rudolph’s nose it is so bright! 

I get that you are jolly in everything you do. 

You live in a land of wonder, making every wish come true.

But how can I appreciate all that you stand for,

When materialistic bribery is all that you implore!  

I can’t just let it happen, it’s gone on long enough. 

We’re battered and we’re bruised.  Oh Christmas is so rough. 

Your scheme it makes us work so hard through all the childhood years. 

It’s time we stood up to you through bitter angry tears!

I speak for all struggling parents everywhere, when I say…

We are done with you.  Now please, Go. Away.

I know you are a merry old man and you share that Christmas cheer…

With your “HO HO HO’s” and your cute red nose

You dazzle kids each year! 

But while you sit, we stir a bit, for we know just what we’ll do. 

Run to every store, search relentlessly for… that toy, that game from YOU! 

You fly the skies with your sleigh up high and that merry special glow. 

Our kids they squeal ‘cause they think you’re real.

And yet, you never show…

It is WE who deliver the goods every Christmas Morn! 

But you get ALL the credit, and to that bitterness is born.

Did you ever stop to wonder, what you do to kids that crave? 

Have you ever thought of children, who have nothing Christmas day? 

Oh why dear Saint Nick, do you do this? 

Spread good tidings to those who pay. 

What about the toys that are out of stock, I say? 

You think you can just hop on your “Merry” sleigh and count all your reindeer, and fly away? 

Oh dear Kris Kringle, you fancy all their hearts. 

Your goodness and your glory, render greed from the start!  

We cannot escape from you for you are EVERYWHERE! 

Your cheer, your glee’s a mystery!  The kids they all just stare.  

You are relentless in deception, inviting little ones to sit. 

You stir the wonder in our babes, and never pay for it! 

It’s us that hold the magic…with our paychecks that we save. 

You’d think by now, you’d lose this power and dig your jolly grave!

Where’s the workshop?  And all those Elves?  Don’t get me started on that forever-elusive store. 

You fill every fantasy, and every kid yells, “MORE!” 

Oh quit this scam!  We know you should. 

All parents have grown weary, of producing all we could. 

The deception is uncanny.  Us parents go insane! 

But YOU dear Santa started this…and you are who we blame!

Dear Santa I know you mean well, Santa.  I’m sorry to be so rude.  

But after years of doing your work, it’s time we fired you. 

Maybe you could create a story…

Where Santa and his Elves

POOF like magic into dust…

We hear those Christmas Bells

And we begin to build the trust…

Back into our poor deceived spoiled materialistic children.


And FINALLY take back all that is ours, not YOURS.


Please, oh please…

For the love of all that used to be Sacred and Holy on Christmas…

 Ride your merry sleigh away.

 For. Good.


****P.S.  I want an all expense paid trip to Hawaii under my tree this year.****

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  1. says

    I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH!! Am pinning it immediately!! BEST.LETTER.EVER. I cannot even begin to tell you how bitter and hostile I feel when Abby (Emma knows the truth now) is all like “Santa is the best. Santa will bring me my very own home recording studio”. UGH!-Ashley

    • says

      It’s such a love=hate relationship isn’t it Ashley? On one side- that ridiculous old St Nick is the lure of such magic and wonder in our children’s eyes!! It’s just so touching and inspiring to watch our children hope and dream and live in a world of excitement!! And on the other hand? THIS LETTER.

      LOL 🙂

  2. says

    haha! I hope Santa gives you that trip.
    I really love this. It made me giggle and also made me think.
    And it’s that we do work so hard to make our kids believe that makes me “believe in Santa.” It’s about the true spirit of it, and not.. elbowing other parents for the last Tickle-Me-Elmo.
    Ah. Christmas.

    • says

      Oh girl I am SO with ya!!!! There is no WAY I would be that crazy to push through crowds for any gift! This is just such a magical time of year, and every morning my kids run downstairs to look for their beloved Elf and read his encouraging note- brings so much JOY into my heart!!! I try to embrace these fleeting years of magic… they will be gone in an instant. 🙁

  3. CJ says

    We are admittedly early in the Santa process, and are far from experts on the ‘bigger’ demands of older children. The big man in red brings our kids (3 and 1) stockings full of useful things like toothbrushes, socks, crayons, underwear etc. and they get one fun toy type item. This year my 3 yr old is getting a highly coveted care bear stuffed doll from Santa. The rest of the gifts, however many we are able to afford in a given year, are from mom and dad.

    We have an elf who opens up our story book bible to relevant pages, and he brought us a gift of a nativity set to go along with our readings this month. We are trying to use both Santa and that creepy elf to glorify God and point us back to holiness and sacredness of the season.

    Don’t interpret this to mean that I have some sort of will power against the materialism of the season… my children are spoiled rotten and we’ll have more treats under the tree than any 10 children need. But my kids will know that Mommy and Daddy spoil them, not some fictitious man in red 🙂

    • says

      I love that CJ!!! You absolutely have set the road ahead of you in the most purposeful and God-focused intention. That is AWESOME!!! What beuatiful traditions you have started and you are so SMART to not let that Santa rule the roost!! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing here! I just love what you shared!!! XO

  4. says

    I haven’t had to deal with Santa as a parent, but I completely sympathize with Santa stealing your thunder. I find the reliance on Santa and that darn elf troublesome – why should kids behave only because they may get something from those two? I suppose they learn eventually that good behavior is its own reward…but you still deserve that trip to Hawaii!

    • says

      I know Dana!! It’s just one of those things… you do with both what you can. I am just glad our family has used both of these characters for good in more ways than greed. The elf brings encouraging notes, and Santa brings mindful and intentional gifts- both honoring the values of our family.

    • says

      Your mind is always in the right place, along with your heart Jennifer!!! I figure this might be on the minds of many parents out there! I’m one for mindful shopping and a mindful Santa… but I can bet this is the voice of many!!! 🙂

  5. says

    Hi Chris! I remember submitting my Christmas lists to Santa. But you know, it seems like I never really got a lot that was on it. My mom was an amazing present-giver. Oh, I mean Santa. She knew what I would like more than I did!

    This letter does speak to the rampant consumerism of the day. I can understand the feeling that it should just all go away…but then there’s that vacation… Hmmm. It’s a tough one!
    You are always in my prayers my friend,

    • says

      Oh Ceil… what I would give for that trip right now!! It’s been a hard season for me. BUT- the excitement in the kids’ eyes and the anticipation of Santa is well worth the irritation of Santa’s warped but sweet intention!

  6. says

    My kids still believe — I think the 10 year may just be holding onto the idea because he’s afraid he won’t get a gift – but this year we threw out the Santa List. The Gimme Gimme Greedy Needy Me List – oh yeah! And previously, I only allowed 3 items on the list, so it’s not like my kids were ever encouraged to demand heaps of gifts.
    But it’s the idea that just because they asked: Santa WILL deliver. Gee, the pressure! And of course, Santa has no budget so an iPod shouldn’t be a problem. um. no.
    This year they will get what they and learn to be grateful. And they have to do charitable acts. I don’t mind Santa being a part of the holiday: in reality St Nickolaus was an extremely giving and loving man who taught people how to Love and Give and Take Care of one another as God wanted us to. That idea can be incorporated and promoted above the Greed and commercialism.

    • says

      I LOVE THAT!!! Oh you speak such truth Leslie!! I do love the generous spirit of Santa and you are so right… the roots of St Nick are so amazingly good. It’s how far it’s been taken to extreme greed that is so disturbing.

      Sounds like you know how to embrace the message perfectly my friend!

  7. says

    Oh I love this Chris! You cannot imagine the head ache I have right now coming up with reasons for my son that Santa cannot send him the play station that he is asking for because it is too darn expensive! lol

    Sending you prayers for a fast recovery!

    • says

      It’s irritating to not get all the credit!! But the joy in seeing their eyes light up and the excitement of the entire season of anticipation is worth it, I suppose. 😉

    • says

      Mine didn’t come, did yours? Pff. Santa. What WILL we do with that Jolly old St. Nick!! 😉 I hope you had a beautiful Christmas Christina!!

  8. says

    I’m loving seeing this idea take hold more and more. I just read Jennifer’s blog about not doing the Santa Clause thing. Mine are grown now, but if I had it to do all over again, we would not do it again. If the big guy in the red suit wants credit, then he needs to make them in his little shop and slide down the chimney and leave them under the tree. Ha ha. My oldest is 29 and said that he will not do the Santa thing when he has children. Wouldn’t it be great to see families turn more and more away from all of the Christmas craziness and spend time doing what is really important…that season….and every season. Great post, Chris!

    • says

      This was my little ‘tantrum’ Topaz!! I spent HOURS on it last year and thought it was a good ‘outlet’ for my frustrations with the whole Santa gig. I am torn about it, but when I live through every Christmas and MONTHS before, seeing my kids light UP about it- well, I suppose that makes it all worth it. I am not looking forward to the day they realize it was all a big fat ho ho ho lie. But I do pray they always realize the magical part of the season of Santa is really about the Majestic King who was born. I think this may have been my last precious year with Cassidy… but that girl is a BELIEVER head to toe- so she may stay true to the magic for a while. Bless her innocence!! 🙂

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