Collective Memories

My next blogging friend is one of those special gems you discover amongst the masses.  She has a certain brilliance in her writing and in her ways.  I love her creative gifts and her insights in motherhood.  I especially love this post.  I can relate so much to her words, and her story.  Please welcome…  Andrea from Therapy On Wry!!


Collective Memories

Sometimes I’m not sure if what I see in my children is a result of nature or nurture, but either way, I’m pretty proud of the result. This afternoon on the way to school Natalie discovered an unopened Valentine from her classmate, Ian.  Inside the envelope was a single heart made from clay that he had painted himself and signed with his name on the back.  “Aww…Mom, I’m taking this with me when I go away to college because when I’m far from home I want to have my memories with me.  This heart is a gift of love.”

I know the feeling.

All my life I’ve been a collector. Not a traditional one in the sense that I gather items of value like antique porcelain dolls, Coca Cola memorabilia or rare coins.  Maybe some would call me a pack rat, but I disagree…I’m just a sentimental one.  It’s true most of the items I’ve amassed over the years and deemed as precious wouldn’t bring a dime at auction.

When I was about 9 years old and on a family vacation, I decided to start collecting thimbles.  I made sure to pick them up in every state we visited.  Over the course of several years, my collection grew quite large.  I’m not sure why I chose thimbles. Maybe it’s because many of the women in my life used their hands to create.  My dad’s mother was a master at crochet.  She made all kinds of useful goods.  I still have an afghan blanket she made for me more than 35 years ago, that not only keeps me warm, but makes me feel somehow closer to her even though she passed away a very long time ago. My mom’s mother was an avid quilter and during her 40 plus years as a grandmother, she tried to create a quilt for each and every one of her 36 grandchildren.  I was the 5th grandchild born and feel lucky to own a piece of her handiwork.

Probably my favorite treasures come in the form of mail.  I have a large Rubbermaid full of letters, cards, and even a few faxes received while working aboard Carnival’s M.S. Fascination.   In fact, chances are good that if you ever wrote to me, I saved your letter –some from friends and family and even a few boyfriends that date back to 1984.  Each one is like a little time capsule that reminds me how much I am loved and have been throughout my life.  Like the note I received from my dad the first year I went off to college.  It was the first and only time he has ever written to me.  Growing up, he was the breadwinner and worked seven days a week to give my siblings and me a good life.  My mom was the one who handled everything else from doctor appointments, school projects and carpools to grocery shopping and gift-giving.  His note came at a time when my mom had been sending me care packages to my dorm filled with banana bread and cookies.  My dad wrote, “I wanted to send a care package, but since I can’t cook, here’s $5.  Go to Mrs. Fields on me.”  And, although I’m pretty sure I used the cookie dough to fund a 6-pack of Milwaukee’s Best…I never forgot his loving note.


I use an old printer’s box to house some of my favorite memories.  The tiny painting was done by my artist cousin, Sarah and the first ebay auction I ever won.  The bracelet of tiny wooden houses was purchased while bumming around the mountains of Venezuela with my friend, Jacqui.  It was a fun trip, but we nearly missed the boat! They were pulling the gangway and we had to jump across.  We laughed after we made it safely aboard, but also breathed a sigh that we didn’t have to spend the night in Venezuela with only a few bolivars between us.


When I was young, it was popular for photo studios to offer locket-size photos.  On the right side of the box, is a locket containing a photo of me with my cousin Molly. On the bottom right side of the box, is a buckeye.  When I met Steve he told me he was originally from the Buckeye state.  I told him I had never seen a buckeye.  On our second date, he presented me with one.  I carried it in my coat pocket for years.


Recently my kids each brought in collections of their own to school to be put on display in their school library.  Both enjoyed the attention and questions they received from friends and teachers about their caboodle of prized possessions.  Later, Natalie’s teacher asked me if I collected anything.  I told him no, but now I realize this is untrue.  I am a collector…of memories.


Natalie with her fairy collection.


Noah with his collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

Andrea is a romantic realist. She shares a bungalow in the ‘burbs with her Hank Williams crooning, country-boy husband, a Jedi-in-training and a precocious princess. She prefers organized art and abstract religion. She always believes the book is better than the movie and drama belongs on a TV screen rather than in her living room. In her free time she likes to run with craft scissors and do a bit of drawr’ing.  Go visit her at Therapy On Wry!

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    Collector of memories, indeed. What a lovely story. Your children are precious – beautiful, perceptive and thoughtful. I”m also a fan of mail-delivered memories and have saved letters and notes from a variety of friends and loved ones for many years. It may be time for a trip down memory lane (unfortunately whenever I look through all those memories, I don’t get anything else done!). Thanks for sharing this!

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    Aw, this is so sweet! You sound like my husband! I accuse him of being a pack rat but he insists, “These are my memories!” He even has boxes of letters and cards I sent him when we were long-distance dating way back when. I didn’t keep any of that stuff.

    Collectors of memories. I like that. Plus it will keep me from being frustrated with all his junk.

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    I tend to be sentimental and like to keep things like letters and random things I’ve collected throughout the years. There are so many memories in those items. I love how your display yours!

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    I am a total collector. I love my Precious Moments that my husband and best friend and sisters have all given me throughout the years. I was touched by your letter from your dad because my grandma used to write me letters in college but once my grandpa did and I cherish it because he was a man of few words. Thank you for sharing this.

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    This is so sweet. I still have love letters that my husband and I wrote to each other when we were in college and had to spend a semester apart. Even if no one ever sees them I just love knowing they are there.

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      I have boxes of every note or letter or card my hubs has given me through the years… aren’t they treasures to cherish? I love knowing I have all of these I can look at them at any time…and possibly pass on to my kids after I’m gone. 🙂 I bought beautiful boxes to put them in, so that makes it even more of a treasure to hold!

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      Thanks, Stephanie. I cherish the love notes my husband wrote to me while we dated. Now almost 11 years later every now and again he’ll leave me one. Though now it’s in the form of instant messages. 😉

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