Rock A Bye Boy

Rock A Bye Boy

Rock a bye baby… It’s gone way too fast. It will, they said. It already has. Ten years gone by In the blink of an eye. My baby has grown It really does fly. Rock a bye baby… My baby no more. But I glimpse at this boy His heart  I adore. I still see […]

The Challenge of Saying “No”…

How To Love Your Kids

    Are you good at saying “No”? I think many women struggle with this word. I know I do…         You receive a call from a dear friend asking for help moving all her things to storage Saturday, but you don’t know how you can come through with such a busy […]

The Right Choice… Picking Priorities.


I turned around from my desk and let out that under-the-breath-kind-of-sigh as my eyes rolled up and over to him. I had things to do, and little interest in what he was saying. It was quite apparent to him too. “Never mind. You’re obviously busy.” As he walked away from me, I sank further down […]