Encouragement for Women with Insecurities

Untangled Book Review

Today I am sharing a treasure of encouragement for all women who struggle with insecurity of any kind. Carey Scott is a gifted writer with an incredible faith. She has taken her own painful experiences and struggles with self esteem that many women face, and written about it all in her book, “Untangled”. She boldly […]

On Making an Intentional To Do List…

On Making an Intentional To Do List

  I need a rhythm to my life. One that has a natural predictable progression of steady beats and breaks that flow effortlessly and intentionally.  It simply needs to create a nice fine-tuned balance of GO and STAY… RUN and REST… WORK and RELAX… HURRY and SLOW DOWN… FUN and RESPONSIBILITY and of QUIET and […]

You Are Alive! Savor It…

You Have A Reason To Live

  This year has brought sudden deaths in the lives of people I know, people I love… One of my best friends lost her fiance suddenly and unexpectedly. She didn’t get his daily phone call, and worried why. She sent her step dad over to his house to check on him while she was at […]