Book Review: Multiples Illuminated

Multiples Illuminated Book Review

One of the greatest gifts in being a blogger, is connecting with and reading other writer’s words. I’ve talked a lot about many writers I have grown to love and many more I have discovered along the way. When it comes to sharing online, I have presented various books to you, written by dear friends […]

The Best Way To Manage Your To Do List

The Best Way To Manage Your To Do List

Do you ever get overwhelmed? Things pile up and you start to twist a little tighter as the ever growing “To Do” list doesn’t get done? Sometimes, things happen and life takes on a different turn and priorities shift and that list gets put in the drawer- on the back burner would be dangerous- so […]

About Those Home Projects…

About Those Home Projects

It all started this winter, when I found my daughter creating a makeshift desk in her bedroom out of stools and serving trays. I mentioned to her that she could probably have my desk, seeing as I have sat at it a total of two times in the last three years. I’m rarely upstairs, except […]