You Are Alive! Savor It…

You Have A Reason To Live

  This year has brought sudden deaths in the lives of people I know, people I love… One of my best friends lost her fiance suddenly and unexpectedly. She didn’t get his daily phone call, and worried why. She sent her step dad over to his house to check on him while she was at […]

How To Say No to Your Kids…

How To Say No To Your Kids

How to say NO to your kids… I say “no” to my kids about a dozen times a day, give or take a few dozen. And each time I deliver that provocative response, I weigh it heavily on my heart. I know the significance of my intention. I must measure the meaning with utmost clarity […]

“Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love”


  Do you have a tween or teen living in your home? If not, maybe you are parenting little ones who will soon become one… I am sharing an incredible resource with you that will be an enormous help in caring for, guiding, and ultimately raising your child through the long and winding journey into […]