Volunteering: It’s Complicated


If you are a parent, then you are well aware of all the opportunities that are *offered* for us to volunteer.  Most of our kids’ activities, school affairs, sports, and church ministries are run by volunteers alone, which means we all must chip in to some degree- in order for our kids to have such […]

An Inspirational Book To Read…

Open Boxes by Christine Organ

Today I am sharing a new book with you all, written brilliantly by Christine Organ. “Open Boxes- the gifts of living a full and connected life” is my favorite kind of book to read, because each chapter is a new fresh story and message for the reader to soak in. Through the pages, Christine shares […]

Encouragement for Women with Insecurities

Untangled Book Review

Today I am sharing a treasure of encouragement for all women who struggle with insecurity of any kind. Carey Scott is a gifted writer with an incredible faith. She has taken her own painful experiences and struggles with self esteem that many women face, and written about it all in her book, “Untangled”. She boldly […]