The Right Choice… Picking Priorities.

The Right Choice

I turned around from my desk and let out that under-the-breath-kind-of-sigh as my eyes rolled up and over to him. I had things to do, and little interest in what he was saying. It was quite apparent to him too. “Never mind. You’re obviously busy.” As he walked away from me, I sank further down […]

To The Parents Whose Daughter Received A Bible

To The Parents Whose Daughter Received A Bible

                              To the parents whose daughter received a bible… First of all, I’d like to thank you for allowing your daughter to come to my house for my weekly youth ministry. She really seems to be enjoying it, and I appreciate […]

“Simple Giving”: A Purposeful Purchase

Simple Giving Easy Ways to Give Everyday

Today I am deeply honored to share an incredible book and resource for anyone who has a desire to make a difference in this world, but feels overwhelmed and unsure of where and how to do just that. This book was written by a beloved blogging friend with whom I have followed closely and consequently, […]