What Would You Do?

What Would You Do 1

The gun is pinned to your forehead. His eyes, glazed over as he stares straight through your soul. The sweat is beading on his forehead and his voice growls with a distinct edge that seethes evil. You’re trembling. Terrified. Your friend lies beside you in a pool of blood. Head blown open with scattered brain […]

“Experience Christmas” By Christine Trevino

Experience Christmas by Christine Trevino

Although we just began October, if you have been around the proverbial block a few times, you will understand how quickly the Holiday Season collides into fall. I know, I know… You say “Don’t push it!” And much like you, I won’t dare even set my eyes on the store’s outlandish displays until after Thanksgiving. […]

Parenting Through Principles and Perspective

Parenting Through Principles and Perspective

  “Mom, is that wrong?” I weigh her question heavily on my heart, knowing full well that my answer will be her truth. I think through exactly what I want to instill in her perspective, her vision of this new concept that revealed itself right before her innocent eyes. In this moment, and countless others, […]