Fighting Internal Battles with Truth

The Battlefield Within

Today I am sharing a new post over at Every Day Life, and I would love for you to join me in this conversation. In this piece, I revealed my raw and real internal battles that rise and fall much like the hard hitting waves of a fierce ocean tide. I have days like this, […]

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful You

Beautiful You

  Do you know that you are beautiful? You are. You were knitted together with His Divine Power.  You were made on purpose, for a purpose. Each thread within you, is woven perfectly together to create a miraculous masterpiece that is You. Yes, YOU. All of who you are… Even the hard parts, the soft […]

Dear Christians, What Will you lay at the Foot of the Cross?

Christ Gave His All

I always feel a stirring in my heart during Holy week. The weight of a heavy shadow hovers over me, as I reflect on the torturing assault Christ endured on that fateful day.  I find myself submerged in the account of Christ’s agonizing approach to the cross… Good Friday is here. Luke 23:33-43 ESV And […]