Continued – It’s All About Friends

Posted on Jan 8 2011 - 2:38am by momcafe


These are the good people you have come to deeply know and love and count on throughout your life.  I am so blessed to have so many of these because they withstand crises and are the ones you will always see during major life events.  They know you inside and out……and still love you!  Each of these friends gives you so many different types of blessings, and you hopefully return your gifts to them.  I have so many rare deep friendships that offer everything that I could ever ask for in a friend!  Some are great listeners, others are great talkers!  Some are quiet and relaxing while others are invigorating and inspiring!  Some are intellects and others are dreamers.  All fulfilling in their own unique way and each one shares blessings that I am so grateful receiving!  My core are the ones I try hardest to hold on to and sustain through life’s uncertain turns.  They are my family….


These lovely friends are usually the ones that got away!  You either moved or they did and you are attempting to keep in touch as best as possible… They may also be friends from school long ago or friends from a different season of your life.  Either way they are special and you make sure you at least get an email or annual phone call or Christmas Card to them to hold on to your special bond.  They are implanted in your heart and you never forget them and think about them often…..  Once in a while you get the fortune of them coming through town or you getting to visit them which is a wonderful exciting time to catch up and truly enjoy the reunion.  J


These are the precious souls that pray for you and with you during major events in your life.  They also may be people in your bible studies, women’s groups, churches, or just friends that are very organic and inspirational in their nature.  I love these friends!  They are always there for you and you have a deep spiritual connection because of your faith.  You have deep conversations and always leave them feeling more enlightened and inspired.  They give you new perspectives and help you sort out issues that pose questions for you.  They are wise and helpful.  You look up to them in a way because you seek their ideas and their perspective on life’s ways and wonderings.  I have such wonderful people like this in my life!  I always know I am going to grow when I see them!  They are peaceful people.  We all need a little peace in our lives!  They bring it.  J


These are the ALL encompassing friends that if you are fortunate enough…lucky enough…blessed enough…you will find a person or a few precious souls in your life that truly embrace all of these aspects in one jewel of a friendship.  Someone who will cry with you, pray with you, laugh with you, check in on you, know you deep deep down, and still love you.  These are rare….but when you find them hold on tight.  Their multifaceted fulfillment is truly a gift.  J

Friends have always been precious to me.  Maybe because I was single for so long.  Maybe because I have always had a passion for people.  Aren’t human beings amazingly fascinating?  I never grow tired of getting to really know someone.  I love to know their “story”.  We all have one and it’s never ever the same.  My life’s journey is one big lovely BLUR of people coming in and sometimes out of my life. All the time and energy spent on deepening my relationships with others is the most cherished part of my life.  Sure, the kids and my highest of jewels: my husband, are most critical pieces of my joy and fulfillment!  But what adds color and depth to my character is all these special individuals who walk into my life.


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