A Season For Everything…

Each stage of our motherhood takes on new meaning and new purpose.  Some seasons become more sacrificial than others, depending on the needs of our children.  I had a long season of constant sacrifice, due to my children’s medical issues.  Those years stripped away my purpose and yet…gave me a new calling:  To minister to my kids.  To care for them and find the strength within me to do just that.  Come read my MOMtor post over at Mothering From Scratch.  I would love you to share what you have sacrificed on your motherhood path.

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  1. Marcia says

    My friend you just simply amaze me! The ability to be the loving, devoted, Christian woman you are today is a true testament to the strength of your faith. Love you and love your post (as always!)

    • says

      Oh yes it is Meredith!! You especially are in “it” with your kiddos and their ages… oh how I remember. By now you have read what my years were about. Sacrificial season for SURE. So grateful you stopped by!! 🙂

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