A Call For Us All… Who Will You Choose?

The Christmas Story still lingers in my heart as I dwell on the greatest story ever told … and the Characters that made it happen. I have been thinking through each person’s call and their purpose set on the stage of God’s Will, and it is my deep desire to live like them. It is my great conviction to stretch my heart and my hands further in order to continue the message of God’s passionate plea, and in doing so, perhaps His Plan for me will be fulfilled.

I’ve realized that God moves mountains, through people. I sorted through many traits and trials of those He called to claim His Name. I’ve delved into creating a trail behind me for a life of greater love and I believe we are all pieces and parts of the story, as much as we are willing to give…

Aren’t we?

I see many Marys everywhere, stepping onto a difficult and burdened road, equipped with great faith and fortitude. I witness Joseph’s loyalty and steadfastness in beloved friends and families that rise to the call of obedience. I have been invited into homes and groups of beautiful Innkeepers all my life, when I was lost and needing to belong. I have known countless hard working humble servants who rarely seek reward. And I’ve I witnessed many that live in high places, who sacrifice for the suffering, and share their gifts with those in need. I am blessed with angels that radiate light and encouragement in His message at the perfect time and place. They have all stood to answer God’s call.

The Characters of Christ are everywhere…

I want to be in the story too.

Do you?

I want to be more like Mary. I want to open my heart to trusting that my faith and fortitude will withstand whatever God gives me. I want to forge the path when it becomes impossible, knowing that He will prevail in the plan. I want the strength and courage to honor the demands of being a faithful follower.

I want to be more like Joseph. I want to stand in loyal support of those I love and sacrifice my own selfish needs to walk beside those who take on a higher call. I want to rise in honor, when God’s voice beckons me to trust and surrender to His will. I pray I am infused with great wisdom and perseverance to do so.

I want to be more like the Innkeeper. I want to open my heart and my home to whomever God brings my way. I want to constantly discern where God leads my heart and my hands to reach. I want to step out of my own busyness and comfortable place to offer solace and serving and sacrifice space.

I want to be more like the shepherd. I want to remain humble when I feel the need for acknowledgement. I want to serve with humility and give up the need to be recognized. When I work tirelessly and feel unnoticed, I pray I remember that God chose the shepherds, therefore He also chooses me. He sees my work, and my worth is measured by His grace. Let that be enough. Mere man’s measurement should have no power over God’s undying love for me. May I be constantly reminded of this truth, when I am resenting no reward.

I want to be more like the wise magi. I want to always remember to give to those who have less than me when I am blessed with abundance. I want to honor the lowest when I am at my highest, by serving and sacrificing my time and riches. If God blesses me with a mighty powerful path, may I always be reminded of the All-mighty God wrapped in rags and lying in the hay. May I constantly seek to wash the feet of those who have less, and may I never soak too long in prideful greed.

Most of all, I want to shine like that of an Angel. I want to illuminate hope and encouragement in a way that opens hearts to the wonder of God’s Glorious Grace. I want to pour out His Peace, even when I am stuck in pain. I want to radiate His Greatness, despite my error of goodness. I want to share His Plan of Deliverance, although I lack the delicate details. I want to carry the wounded with His Comfort, even when I am conflicted. I want to shower the weak with His Strength, even when I often struggle. I want to hold hearts with His Hope, in spite of all my hang-ups. I want to claim His Reigning Power, although I’m just a person. I want to share His Limitless Love, even when my love reaches its limit.

I have the potential to be like all of these Characters in the Christmas Story.

And so do you.

Who will you choose?

I chose them all.

Who Will You Choose?









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    Aww, beautiful and still love that the Christmas spirit is alive and well here and definitely challenging me to keep in alive in my heart and soul, too. Thanks for that and so much more, Chris 😉

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    Oh, you did it to me again 🙂 I really want to embody all, but struggle so much. Especially with the Joseph role of not questioning. Just believing that Mary was true to him and the Lord, not second guessing that she was the desert hussy. Of wondering what the ulterior motive was behind the loss of her innocence. I hope I can take all of their motivations and make them my own.

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    Beautiful! Our minister actually did a sermon series on the characters during advent. He focused on Mary, Joseph, Herod, and the Innkeeper. It was very interesting to take a look at each individual – what they might have been feeling, thinking. Definitely gets you thinking.

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    HI Chris! I totally agree that we can strive to be all these people in our lives. They all reflect the life of Christ in their own ways, and that’s what I am called to be.

    I do especially love Joseph. Here is a man who was faced with such improbable stories, dreams and life path. Who else but him would walk it so well? God help me to hear him even when the message seems a mite bit crazy!
    Happy New Year my friend! May we walk the new gift of time with each other,

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    I want to be the innkeeper and always open my heart and home to those who need it without question!!!
    Hope that your pain is less tonight!!!

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      I love that one too, Kim! That’s a perfect choice for you in many ways, now isn’t it? 🙂 I know your heart is that way, so I’m guessing your home is too. <3

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      Oh does it EVER Jennifer! SUCH hard work. And then there are those times, it just comes easy… that’s when I know I’ve grown. 🙂 I’m betting the same for you too. <3

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    I love that you’re still thinking of this story. For many, Christmas goes away Dec. 26. I remember this particularly being the case when I worked in retail in college – specifically, at 6 a.m. Dec. 26, working the register for returns.

    Know who I’d like to be? Paul. I’ll write the letters, share the stories, share the hope, share the love. How’s that?

    • says

      Eli, you would be THE PERFECT PAUL. 🙂

      I have been guilty of that December 26th ‘switchback’… on more years than I can count! I suppose I had the time to ruminate more this year, instead of jumping on the cleaning up decorations and shopping and returns and all the other hoopla that happens right after Christmas that has NOTHING to do with the story.

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    This is gorgeous!! You already ARE all of these people. Your light and your love shine throughout the blogoshphere and I know that they do in real life too. So brightly. Huge love to you for this beautiful post, Chris!!!

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      Oh my gosh you are too good to me, Kristi!!! I am just overwhelmed at your precious encouragement. Truly!! Girl, you just made my heart soar… <3

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    I see lots of those things in you already 🙂

    INCIDENTALLY (and this, I didn’t know) – the shepherds who ‘watched their flocks’ were charged with keeping the sheep which would end up in the temple as the sacrificial lambs – the atonements for people’s sins. WHO BETTER to visit the baby Jesus on Day 1? I never made that connection til it was pointed out in a sermon this year 🙂

    And the shepherds – they went to Him dirty, smelly, and in their wellie boots – trampling mud up to the manger and not waiting til they were clean and respectable. I need to remember that. I DON’T need to be clean and respectable. I just need to show up 🙂

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      I LOVE THAT SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I’m SO glad you shared that really amazing insight, Faves!!! ( 😉 ) And oh yes… see? Those guys were FAR from perfect/clean/respectable… and God chose THEM. Show up babe. You are so very BEAUTIFUL to Him. <3

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    Oooh, I just love this Chris. Yes, I want to be like them all too. So many beautiful characteristics and much for us to learn.

    You display so many of these things already Chris! You are a light, a joy, and a beacon for all.

    Happy New Year and blessings to you!

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    Love how you unpackaged this!

    Certainly I’d love to be an angel – I mean, duh! However, giving my taste for adventure that sometimes takes the wrong path, and my farming background – I think shepherd is more likely. LOL

    and since it is about humility and gratitude, I actually think I am 1000% okay with that calling.

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