An Inspirational Book To Read…

Open Boxes by Christine Organ

Today I am sharing a new book with you all, written brilliantly by Christine Organ. “Open Boxes- the gifts of living a full and connected life” is my favorite kind of book to read, because each chapter is a new fresh story and message for the reader to soak in. Through the pages, Christine shares […]

The Mess of Mediocrity

The Mess of Mediocrity

Mediocrity is messy. I live in it, I know. It messes with your mind. It messes with your perspective. It messes with your heart. It messes with your faith. It messes with your dreams. It messes with everything. I’ve spent my life striving to get out of this mess, but it seems I land right […]

Stop Telling Me, “Just You Wait!”

Stop Telling Me, Just You Wait!

My 12-year old daughter and I are very close. She is precious and innocent and truly a light in this world. She is honest, and respectful, and committed to her grades and her love for being on the swim team. She is as adorable as she is goofy in all the fun ways, and she […]