Dear Graduate…

Dear Graduate

Dear Graduate, Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement and I wish you the very best! May I offer you some advice? I know you are basking in the spotlight of success and probably still have friends and family pouring all that delicious attention on you for this fantastic accomplishment!  By all means, take it in.  […]

The Garden of Gratitude

The Garden of Gratitude

The Garden of Gratitude When your world is spinning… Fast and furious off its axis Parts and pieces flying all around… Unsettled and stirring in the fury Of perhaps a storm hit hard unknowingly. When your earth’s breaking apart… Crumbling into parts and pieces Scattering thoughts swirling with the dirt As though gravity has lost […]

Fighting Internal Battles with Truth

The Battlefield Within

Today I am sharing a new post over at Every Day Life, and I would love for you to join me in this conversation. In this piece, I revealed my raw and real internal battles that rise and fall much like the hard hitting waves of a fierce ocean tide. I have days like this, […]