Encouragement for Women with Insecurities

Untangled Book Review

Today I am sharing a treasure of encouragement for all women who struggle with insecurity of any kind. Carey Scott is a gifted writer with an incredible faith. She has taken her own painful experiences and struggles with self esteem that many women face, and written about it all in her book, “Untangled”. She boldly […]

Why I Want to Quit Facebook, but Can’t.

Why I Want to Quit Facebook, but I Can't

I want to quit Facebook, but I can’t. Facebook is my main traffic source for my blog. It’s also the greatest venue I could ever find to connect with other bloggers in the several Facebook groups I am in. I absolutely love the various communities I have the privilege to belong, learning huge amounts of […]

About Those Straight Lines- Predictable Paths

About Those Straight Lines Predictable Paths

  I like straight lines. Lines that have no knots, kinks or loops I have to untie, hurdle over, or wind around. Predictability. Stability. A day that starts and ends with a nice straight line from morning ‘til night… Having everything go my way. Predictable paths. Life has a way of messing up our straight […]