Buried Treasures of Gratitude

Buried Treasures of Gratitude

I’m guessing if you stopped by to read this, you may be in the midst of holiday preparations. You may be packing to head out of town to see family or friends. You may be cleaning and cooking to host your own festivities. You may be stirring with that anticipation of seeing people you may […]

I Didn’t Know About Gluten Intolerance. Now I Do.

I Didn't Know About Gluten Intolerance Now I Do

I have been feeling pretty miserable for over a year now, and struggling with why. There were some days I woke up so sick I thought I had the flu, while other days my symptoms were more bearable. Then there were those days I thought I was deathly ill. I couldn’t figure out why. I […]

The Right Choice… Picking Priorities.

The Right Choice

I turned around from my desk and let out that under-the-breath-kind-of-sigh as my eyes rolled up and over to him. I had things to do, and little interest in what he was saying. It was quite apparent to him too. “Never mind. You’re obviously busy.” As he walked away from me, I sank further down […]