Lessons on Losing

Why I Want My Son To Lose

There are many lessons on losing we can teach our kids. I think it’s one of the most important aspects of life they need to master, because losing is surely a huge part of living. We grow more from the bottom than the top, I say. Recently, my son was in an annual JiuJitsu tournament. […]

Do You Have Mustard Seed Moments?

Do You Have Mustard Seed Moments

I’ve been a Christian for 33 years, and Lord KNOWS I have entered dry deserts, deep valleys, and massive pitfalls through my walk with Jesus. I have risen so high on His love, sometimes I feel like I am soaring from the sheer power of the Holy spirit. I have felt that soul shaking heart […]

To The Woman We Are All Standing Up For, Thank YOU

To The Woman We Are Standing Up For

I’ve been reading endless articles written about this horrific case you are at the center of, and I have felt intense anguish and anger about the injustice around the vulgar and vicious act done to you. And in all this news and the rage lashed out on your perpetrator and his father, I’m afraid the […]