A Portrait of Friendship and All It Gives

The Gift of Friendship and All It Gives

This piece is dedicated to my beloved friend, Christy. May we continue to walk alongside each other for the rest of our lives. *** I listened to every word, every undercurrent that gently passed through them, and watched her as she opened her heart and handed a few pieces over.  I took it all in […]

Are Summer Workbooks Necessary For All Kids?

Are summer workbooks necessary? Find out what this mom thinks...

Years ago, when I seemed to be more on the ball in this motherhood gig, I always planned academic goals for my kids every summer. I would buy summer workbooks according to their grade and set out with strategies to enforce daily brain work, with the intention of keeping all that knowledge they learned through […]

Lessons on Losing

Why I Want My Son To Lose

There are many lessons on losing we can teach our kids. I think it’s one of the most important aspects of life they need to master, because losing is surely a huge part of living. We grow more from the bottom than the top, I say. Recently, my son was in an annual JiuJitsu tournament. […]